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Want Higher Conversions and Rankings? Add Content

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17 Jan 2017

Why More Content Leads to Increased Conversions and Rankings

The quote “content is king” is an overused cliché, but it’s a cliché because it’s true. Good content brings in customers, increases traffic, and leads to conversions. Unfortunately, many businesses throw up some short pieces of content and call it day. If that sounds familiar, it may be time to rethink your content strategy.

Research shows that webpage rankings and conversions are linked with longer web content. Long copy won’t guarantee conversions if it doesn’t have value, though. Longer copy must be rich in quality and concise in its intentions to draw an audience, and it should have a strong social media presence to back it up. If you don’t yet have a content-rich site, consider upping your game.

Start With Short Content – But Don’t End There

Content must be direct, clear, and hold their interest. If your website is short on content, start with some short content! Link it to social media channels to grow your readership. Keep blog posts on the short side initially and break them up with visuals like pictures or videos. Then, test your own site with employees. Ask them for honest answers. Did they find your shorter content engaging? Did they want more? What did your blog posts not cover that testers wanted to see? The answers to such questions will help you write professional and engaging long copy.

More Content Increases Conversions

Once you understand what your audience is looking for, expand. It shouldn’t take long for you to leverage longer, richer content for better rankings and more conversions. Studies show that to rank in the top 10 results of any keyword on Google, a webpage needs at least 2,000 words. On average, the highest-ranked results in any top 10 have at least 2,500 words.

Content-rich sites with long copy tend to get more links. The richer and more specific content you have, the easier it is for search engines to find links that work with it.

Write Unique Content

The more content you have, the more likely you’ll be to net a core group of users. You’ll also be more likely to convert users who may not have considered your site before. Your list of Top 10 Reasons to Get an Annual Checkup probably already exists on the internet somewhere. Your story about how an annual checkup uncovered a rare diagnosis, though, is not. Your information about that rare diagnosis may spur readers to get checkups, but it will also attract attention from readers with the same diagnosis.

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