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Weather Driven PPC Campaigns

weather driven ppc ads
24 Aug 2016

The whole point of any pay-per-click, or PPC, campaign is to target your advertisements to the users who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Targeting based on demographics, interests and even past search history is common in any PPC campaign, but did you know that you could create weather based PPC campaigns? Weather driven campaigns allow you to create PPC ads that are displayed during certain weather conditions in a particular location.

Why Would Weather Impact Advertising? 

It sounds strange to create ads that are displayed specifically during weather events, but the reality is you need and want certain products or services at these extreme moments. For example, if it’s winter in New York City and there’s an impending blizzard, you might be dreaming of a tropical vacation. An advertisement on your Google search results showcasing an amazing deal that you can score on a 4-night getaway to Mexico at a luxury all-inclusive resort may be all the motivation you need in order to click, purchase and reserve your trip.

A Few Examples of Weather Based PPC Campaigns Include…

  • Advertising the variety of different umbrellas that you offer to a city that is currently experiencing excess rain, or a city where it rains frequently. These advertisements remind people that they need basic gear — such as an umbrella — in order to get from their car, into the office and around town as they complete their errands. It might seem obvious, but the bottom line is most people don’t realize that they don’t have an umbrella on hand until it’s raining and they are getting wet. When they get to the office and attempt to dry off, their next step may be to purchase that umbrella that’s being advertised on their Google search results.
  • You could promote your snow tires or emergency car equipment to people who are experiencing icy conditions or extreme winter weather. This is another situation in which people might find themselves unprepared — even if they live in an area where they experience harsh winters each year. Weather driven campaigns are designed to provide people with information about products and services that they need at that very moment due to weather events, which are notoriously unpredictable.

Where Can You Focus Your Weather Driven Campaigns?

When most people think of PPC ads, they immediately think of the search engine giant Google. While Google AdWords is a great place to implement your weather based PPC campaigns, you also can use the social networking platform Facebook. Facebook, which has long been helping its clients target the appropriate customers with their ads, allows you to create weather based PPC campaigns.

Weather based PPC campaigns can be designed for a variety of products in many different situations. Let us help you create and implement the right weather driven campaigns for your company! At Zero Gravity Marketing, we offer expert SEO services that are designed to provide you with the results you need. Contact us today!