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Benefits of Original Photography vs Stock Photography

original photography in digital marketing
20 Dec 2017

Many brands opt for stock photos because they don’t want to the cost of hiring a professional photographer or paying for the rights. However, if you use generic photos, you may not have the same connection with your audience. Here’s a look at both original photos and stock photos in successful digital marketing strategies.

Stock Can Demonstrate Your Vision Flawlessly

You likely have a very clear vision of the emotions you want to convey when someone visits your site. When you select from stock photography, you can be sure that your photos are perfect in every way and that they give off the exact message you need for your digital marketing strategy, especially if you don’t have a storefront.

Evoke the Wow Factor

Stock photos are usually easily identifiable, and very unoriginal. On the contrary, your own photos give you the opportunity to impress visitors by showing them something eye-catching and unique. With original website photos, you also don’t have to worry about having the same photo as one of your competitors—that would be embarrassing.

Build Trust

Many people can spot stock photography from a mile away, so when they click on your Contact Us page and see what is clearly not one of your team members, they may be hesitant to actually contact you. However, when you use a photo of your actual employees, you will reassure the user that they will be talking to a real person and they are more likely to pick up the phone.

As a full-spectrum digital marketing company, we can help you get the professional photographs you need to use throughout your website design and other marketing mediums. To learn more, contact us now.