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Is a New Website Redesign Worth It?

is a website redesign worth it?
06 Dec 2016

Maybe your current site doesn’t look trustworthy, maybe the language is off-brand, or maybe you are missing strong calls to action. A new responsive website build by ZGM can tackle these problems.

Increased Website Traffic

If your website sits for too long without relevant updates, Google may lower your search engine rankings. It’s true, and an updated website will show Google that you know what today’s searchers want. Not only will a website redesign get you more traction on the SERPs, it also ups your chances of people sharing your content simply because it looks modern and up-to-date.

Decreased Bounce Rate

Whether it’s because your website finally loads properly on mobile, or people stop clicking away from your site because it looks like it was built at the inception of the Internet, your bounce rate should decrease with your new-and-improved website. From slowly loading websites to outdated looks and poor functionality, almost all of the reasons for a high bounce rate can be addressed with a website redesign.

Boosted Leads and Sales

While conversion rates and website traffic are important, the real proof is in your bottom line. When your new website looks better, functions better, and attracts more visitors, your sales are bound to improve. Even something as simple as adding a new contact form can have a big impact on your qualified leads.


These are all quantifiable metrics that you can see in black and white once your website redesign is complete. So is a new website worth it? Absolutely! And at Zero Gravity Marketing, we employ experts in all aspects of a new website to ensure you get stellar results that just can’t be denied. Contact us today to make sure your new website is ready to go by the New Year.