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5 Creative Ways to Use Live Streaming in your Marketing

live streaming marketing
10 Jan 2017

Going live may feel intimidating, but live video can help boost brand awareness, allows you to immediately interact with your audience and helps you showcase your latest products or offerings. Integrating live streaming into your content strategy is simple – just decide what to film and grab your phone or camera. What you film and share is up to you; any one of the following ideas is a good starting point for your first live broadcast:

Share your Process

How do you make your product? Live streaming video allows you to share the steps you take when you make a product; share the whole thing or the portions that are most interesting.

Sharing your process isn’t giving away your secrets, it’s boosting your brand awareness and letting people know just how much goes into creating your pieces.

Make an Announcement

Revealing some fresh news or have something exciting to share? A live stream of your announcement makes it easy to share your news with your audience; you can follow up with a traditional blog post or social media announcement later. When Riverbanks Zoo wanted to share the news of their impending new arrival, they took to Facebook live and made the announcement.

Their thousands of followers could hear the happy news right from the gorilla enclosure, from the keepers themselves. Announcing the new baby on live streaming helps boost interest in the zoo in general and the gorilla exhibit in particular and gives the audience a chance to see behind the scenes at the zoo, too.

Give a Peek Behind-the-Scenes

Show off your business from behind the scenes; film in your kitchen, warehouse or any other setting that is not usually open to visitors. People love to see a different point of view or areas that they are not usually allowed to access. Taking audience questions as you give a tour allows you to interact with and engage your prospects and helps you pinpoint what they’d most like to see.

Share a Live Event

Live Video streaming really shines when used to showcase an event. Taking the time to go live when you hold an event helps make the people who couldn’t make it feel like they are part of something special. You can also build a connection with your guests and participants by interviewing them on video. Simply touring the event and letting your viewers get a sense of what is going on will help immerse them in the activity and give them a sense of belonging.

Interview People in your Field

Important people who contribute to your industry or field but are not your direct competition make ideal interview guests. Not only can you come up with some fresh content for your own followers, you can also be exposed to a fresh new audience when your interview subject shares the video with their own followers and feeds.

Video can help you engage with and entertain your audience and is in important part of any integrated marketing strategy. Incorporating live streaming or video into your content plan allows you to give your followers insight into what you do and helps you forge a connection.