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Why Niche SEO Landing Pages Are Your Golden Ticket to Success

niche seo landing pages
20 Jul 2017

If you are like most companies, your PPC ad clicks through to your homepage. While this is great if you just want to get traffic, there is a better way if you want to increase your conversions dramatically: niche SEO landing pages. A niche SEO landing page bypasses the homepage and sends users to a highly focused page that tells the intended audience exactly what they want to hear. By creating niche SEO landing pages, you can earn more qualified leads and higher conversions.

Speak Directly to the Intended Audience

Your homepage is a great way to give visitors a broad overview of your offerings, but a niche SEO landing page lets you hone in on your audience by focusing on one specific service, product, location, or demographic. By tweaking the language, you can speak directly to the wants and needs of the specific audience. It will feel like you are talking right to them, and they will be more interested in what you have to say.

Reap the Rewards of a Higher Conversion

Once you create niche SEO landing pages for each of your services, locations or target demographics, you can direct your web traffic to these sites. Use them for your PPC ads, social media posts, marketing emails, and more, to draw in the exact audience you are seeking. Since the copy will be strategically written with relevant information, it will speak to the reader and it will show them exactly why your product or service meets their needs. It will be a no brainer for them to take action.

Generate Leads That Are Worth Your Time

If your goal is high-quality leads, then niche SEO landing pages are what your marketing campaign is missing. Create targeted landing pages to draw in the desired audience by offering them something for free, such as an e-book, a white paper, a coupon, etc., in exchange for their contact information. Since the audience is narrowed down, you can create several different landing pages with different freebies, and since you were very particular about whom you were targeting, you can rely on the leads to be people who are truly interested in your offerings.

Let Us Create Your Niche SEO Landing Pages

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we are big believers in niche SEO landing pages. We have seen them in action over and over again, and we know they can be extremely effective if done correctly. If you would like to put the power of niche SEO landing pages to work for you, contact us today. Our team would love to show you how we would set up your landing pages and demonstrate the results you can expect to see.