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Understanding the Flexibility of Responsive Logo Design

Understanding the Flexibility of Responsive Logo Design
27 Nov 2018

If you own a business, you certainly are aware that your logo is the most important branded element when it comes to your visual representation. This is the symbol or graphic mark that your customer sees first when they visit your website on any device. In the past your logo would never be altered, and the color and the layout would always remain the same. However, this common practice has recently changed. With the variety of different sized devices and website being introduced to the world, it’s time to reevaluate. Now is the time to understand the flexibility of responsive logo design and update or create your new logo with this goal in mind. 

Is Your Logo Responsive and Mobile Friendly?

You may have been asked if your website is responsive or mobile friendly, and hopefully your answer is “yes.” We all know that websites, especially ones for businesses, need to function and be legible on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But did you know it’s more than likely that when a customer or client makes their first initial visit to your website, it will be from a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad. With this comes another question… “Is your logo responsive and mobile friendly?” With all the different devices we have access to, your website can be viewed on any of them, so your logo needs to work with more than just one configuration. This brings us into the world of responsive and mobile friendly logos.  

Take for example the Walt Disney logo which most of us can picture in our heads. The full logo would have all the elements of the original logo—the castle, the half circle around the castle, and the words “Walt Disney.” This is the format you would experience when viewing the website on a desktop computer. Although, when you view this logo on a smaller device you may only see the words “Walt Disney” or possibly only the word “Disney” in the same typeface style as the full logo. Whether you see all the elements of the logo or just a piece of it we all know what company it is for as long as we keep the consistent look throughout in terms of which elements we use. 

Take a look for yourself! View some responsive logos in action, including the Walt Disney logo mentioned above. Change the size of the window to see the logos adjust to different sized windows…  

How Zero Gravity Marketing Can Help 

We understand that your company may not have the brand equity of Walt Disney. But similar to them, your logo needs to respond to the ever-changing digital world. Instead of just resizing your logo to fit on smaller screens and multiple devices, Zero Gravity Marketing can create a variety of versions of your logo in a responsive and mobile friendly format. A responsive logo is our solution to allowing your logo to look great at any size and adapt to the variety of devices they are being viewed on. A responsive logo does not stop at just digital viewing. This concept can be used in print work and whenever there’s a need to print your logo in a small area. So, whether or not you are a multi-million-dollar corporation or a small business, we all need to prepare and adhere to the changes in the marketing world. If you want your logomark or icon to be designed in a responsive format, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.