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Is SEO Really Necessary?

is SEO really necessary?
30 Sep 2016

We will just start out by saying yes, SEO is crucial for any business. Whether you are an e-commerce-only brand, you have a brick-and-mortar store, or you do both, without SEO, you are losing more customers than you would care to know about.

SEO Defined

Before we get into detail about why SEO is so important, let’s do a quick CliffsNotes version of SEO. In short, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a combination of marketing strategies to help websites show up on the top of the search results. It is so important because the majority of people searching won’t make it past the first page of results. They do a quick scan of the first few options and choose one to click on. If you have not used SEO to achieve one of these top spots, these searchers won’t know you exist.

The Key Factors of SEO

So what exactly are these strategies an SEO agency puts to use to get you on the top of the SERPs? There are actually hundreds of them; although, here are two big ones:

  • Content – Content is a general term referring to all of the text throughout your website. It refers to your homepage intro as well as your weekly blog posts. Basically, to benefit your SEO efforts, your content needs to be well-written, engaging to the reader, and contain keywords in a nonchalant way. An SEO agency will perform extensive keyword research to discover what terms are being searched for in your industry, as well as how much competition each one has, and then they will optimize your site to ensure Google correctly deciphers what you are all about.
  • Backlinks – While content tells Google what your brand has to offer, backlinks tell Google that you are worth mentioning. By using a solid link building strategy, an SEO agency will make it clear to Google that your site can be trusted. Of course, your backlinks have to come from reputable sources or the strategy can backfire.

Yes, You Really Need SEO

By incorporating a strong SEO strategy into your marketing efforts, you will increase your online visibility tenfold. If you are not doing SEO, chances are your competitors are. Do you really want them to gain all of the new customers that could be yours?

We are experts in SEO, we use the most effective strategies for your specific industry and target market—and you will still have plenty of time to focus on what you do best. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing now to get started.