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WordPress Maintenance

wordpress website maintenance - wordpress updates
07 Jul 2016

Update to Protect Your Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for new websites, which makes it a prime target for hackers. If you are proactive, you can keep your WordPress site secure.

Importance of WordPress Website Maintenance

It doesn’t matter if you have an ecommerce empire or you are blogging about cats, WordPress website maintenance is the key to keeping your site secure. Since WordPress is technically third-party software, it needs updates to run smoothly. Hackers know this, so they seek out the vulnerabilities in the out-of-date software. Which means the main way to prevent hacking is to ensure that you are always operating with the newest version of the WordPress plugins and software.

If you don’t think your site is vulnerable, take a look here. This shows you only 7% of WordPress hacking attempts that are taking place at this very moment. Or you can discover the weaknesses in your own URL here. A hacker discovers the username and password of your WordPress site to gain control of your site and obtain the data of all of your subscribers/customers. With the ever-increasing sophistication of technology, it’s easier than ever to crack your passcodes.

Most importantly, if your WordPress site gets hacked, your website traffic and SEO may be dramatically impacted. Google will flag your site and it will take a lot of work—and a lot time—for you to regain your earned position on the SERPs.

Leave Updates to Pros

You may be tempted to perform WordPress website maintenance yourself. However, that could be a mistake. Some updates designed to fix one issue will end up breaking something else. There are even some hacks that are designed to appear like an update. We will thoroughly test each update before we implement it into the live site to make sure the website will function properly after the update.

Paying More is Worth It

Throughout the past several months, we have been developing and testing a new WordPress hosting solution that is groundbreaking in the industry. It is by far the fastest, most reliable, and most secure WordPress hosting option on the market. Our Optimized WordPress Hosting package brings incredible benefits to your WordPress website:

  • Guaranteed Security – If you are using our WordPress hosting and your site gets hacked, we will clean it up for you.
  • Unparalleled Speed – Our WordPress hosting allows your site to operate at record speeds. It includes server level query caching (no need to ask the data base with every page load), built-in CDN (files load straight from the server that is closest to you), and full-page caching (no more plugins needed to manage the cache). Since Google now uses page-load speed as a ranking factor, this speed can give you the edge you need on the SERPs.
  • Staged Changes – You can make edits to your website before having them go live. That way, you can test out the changes for yourself and then publish them when you are ready.
  • Integrated with Git – Learn more about Git here.
  • Automated Core Upgrades – With our WordPress hosting, you no longer have to worry about your WordPress website maintenance. We offer ongoing support for security, theme, and plugin updates, which will extend your site’s lifespan while reducing your overhead.

To keep your WordPress site operating smoothly and to prevent it from getting hacked, sign up for our optimized WordPress hosting now.

A Monthly Retainer is an Option Too

Don’t worry; if you don’t want to take advantage of our cutting edge WordPress hosting, you can still reap the benefits of our technology with a monthly maintenance retainer. On average, we need between 3-5 hours per month to keep your WordPress website operating optimally. With our predictable monthly retainer, WordPress website maintenance can fit in your budget, even if regular maintenance takes us ten or more hours due to a faulty update or hack.

When you rely on your WordPress site to keep your business running, you can’t afford to have it down. Contact us today to find out more about our WordPress hosting and maintenance services. Don’t leave your site’s security and functionality to chance.