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10 Essential Content Marketing Tips

content marketing
10 Jun 2016

1. Work with an SEO Team

Successful content marketing requires an in-depth process before writing can begin. Yes, you can find any writer on Craigslist or Upwork, but there is a lot more to content marketing besides the writing itself. An experienced SEO team should take care of keyword research, topic development, and on-page SEO optimization. These steps are the foundation of a prosperous content marketing strategy.

2. Develop a Brand Outline

Take the time to develop a brand outline. This is essentially a short document (1-3 pages) that clearly spells out tone, target market, style elements, and other consistencies that should be in all blogs (e.g. wanting Zero Gravity Marketing to be spelled out instead of using ZGM). If you prefer that each writer use their own voice, that is okay too, just make sure they understand how you want your company to be talked about.

3. Humanize the Articles

Remember, your content marketing strategy isn’t just about catching Google’s attention—you want your readers to be drawn to you too. The best way to attract the right audience is to develop a persona for your target market, and write the articles with ‘that person’ in mind. For example, if your target market is a millennial working mom in the United States, choose the topics, tone, and write as if you’re talking with her.

4. Set Writers Up for Success

Content writers may be responsible for putting the words together, but it’s your job to give them enough information so that the end result is what you wanted. Gather any facts or statistics you want mentioned, make sure the writer understands who your audience is, and maybe even provide them a rough outline. Just as important, give them enough time to get the article done so they can perform ample research on the industry and the audience. And make sure to include a day or two for revisions to make sure the article is perfect before it’s posted to your site. The last thing you want is a rushed article.

5. Ask Employees to Help

Sometimes, short blogs are sufficient, but long-form content can earn you more shares and viewers. However, expecting one writer to write the amount of long-form articles that you need for a strong content marketing strategy is naïve. No realistic amount of online research could make a writer an expert in your field. A better option is to ask your employees to supply content in their areas of expertise. At the very least, ask your staff to develop outlines, which include facts and sources, to take some of the burden off the writer, speed the process along, and make an overall better article.

Collaborations between professional content writers and industry experts can be the most powerful content on a site. As an extra incentive, you can offer your employees a bonus if their content reaches certain pre-determined benchmarks, such as a specific number of social shares or website clicks.

6. Share on Social

Speaking of social shares, our next content marketing tip is to remember to share your content on social media. You and your SEO team spent a lot of time developing and producing the content, and now you want the world to see it. You don’t need to worry about sharing the content on every social media site—select the social media outlets where your target market can be found.

7. Track Results and Make Adjustments

A good content marketing strategy should track results. This allows us to make adjustments based on performance, to enhance what works and cut out what doesn’t. For example, Google Analytics will tell you how long a person spent on your article. The average person can read 300 words per minute, so if they are not staying on the page for a minute-and-a-half for a 500-word article, you may need to figure out why.

To help you track your success, there are a lot of tools out there, such as Hubspot and Google Analytics. That being said, these tools do have their limitations. It’s difficult to figure out which customer touchpoint led to a conversion. For example, a visitor may have seen your product on social media the day before they stopped by your site to read an article, and both interactions combined prompted them to purchase. The good news is that science is starting to catch up with the needs of a content marketer, so there should be new analytics tools on the horizon that can dissect every piece of data available.

8. Update Old Blogs

This content marketing tip is a win-win: It’s a win for you because you can make some quick changes and have a revised blog post to share on social media, and it’s a win for your readers because they can know that all of the information they are reading is accurate and up-to-date. Most high-ranking blogs are older ones since they have been around longer to gain momentum; however, the data within them is not always evergreen. Statistics, methods and even opinions tend to change overtime, so reposting outdated blogs with the new information is imperative. The reader doesn’t always pay attention to the date your article was posted, and you don’t want them to be led astray. Just make sure to follow these tips when republishing old posts, especially the one about keeping the same URL.

9. Be Excited About Your Blog!

Get excited about your blog! This is your chance to speak to your clients. You get to share helpful information while boosting your ranking on the SERPs. A content marketing strategy can actually be a lot of fun if you approach it with the right attitude.

10. Invest the Time: It’s Worth It

Put in the time to follow all of the above content marketing tips. Content marketing isn’t going anywhere. As Google gets smarter, a robust content marketing strategy will be critical to stay afloat. When you invest time into each article, page or post, you can reap the rewards for years to come.


For help developing a surefire content marketing strategy, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today. We know exactly what to do to get you the results you desire.