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Local SEO Tips for Connecticut Business

local seo tips connecticut
09 Dec 2014

The Local SEO Tips Every Connecticut Business Needs to Know

Do you think you know about local SEO? You use your keywords and work hard to get solid inbound links, which is great, but if Connecticut customers are your bread and butter, then that is not enough. For you, there are several local SEO tips that you need to be following to ensure that you are really getting as much exposure on the SERPs as you need.

Get On Board with Google!

When looking for local businesses with your smartphone, what do you do? You probably turn to Google, enter the type of business (pet store, mechanic, etc.), then your location. These results are highlighted, shown on Google Maps, and may even have the phone number linked to make it easy on you to call them. So how do these companies get this prime, first-page location with user-friendly features? They are signed up for Google My Business, and you need to be, too.

Remember Bing

Even though 83% of mobile searches are done using Google, according to Search Engine Land, you still don’t want to ignore Bing. Even if only 6% of on-the-go searches are coming from them, you still don’t want to lose those sales. Take a few minutes and claim your Bing Places page. Chances are that Bing already has one for you, but without you controlling it, who knows if the information is accurate. You can add photos, update the contact information, and highlight your services to make yourself stand out from the competition.

Use Local Keywords

Even if you use the above local SEO tips, you still need to make sure that you are blogging regularly and that when you do, you include local keywords. Again, this is how most people search (mechanics Branford, CT), so when you include these keywords, the search engines can easily match you up with your local people. (Note: Use both CT and Connecticut so you don’t miss out on any searches.)

Include Contact Information on Every Page

When a customer does find your website, do they have to search to find your location? They shouldn’t have to. Make sure that your business address is located within the footer of every single page of your website. That way, if they decide they want to visit you while they are looking at your services or your bio, they won’t have any trouble. Most smartphones will also automatically link any addresses straight to the Maps app, making it even easier for your customers to find you.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

With sites like Yelp and Angie’s List becoming more commonplace, it’s easy for customers to get an instant review of your business with a matter of clicks. Make sure that you are represented well on these sites. If you do get a negative review, take the time to respond to it. This will keep the customer happy and show onlookers that you care. Even responding to positive reviews with a simple, “Thank you for the great review! We are glad to hear you had a wonderful experience, and we hope to see you again soon,” can work wonders for your online reputation.

Still not quite sure how to put all of these local SEO tips into play? Give us a call. At Zero Gravity Marketing, we are all about helping local Connecticut businesses succeed, and we would love to help yours.