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Purchase Intent Keywords

purchase intent keywords
11 Oct 2016

You know you need to incorporate keywords into your content if you want to rank high on the SERPs, but not all keywords are created equal. In fact, the words searched play a big role in conversion rates. When a customer is in the research phase they may search for completely different keywords than when they are in buying mode. In this article, we are going to talk about the keywords searchers use when they are ready to commit, otherwise known as purchase intent keywords.

Examples of Purchase Intent Keywords

As mentioned, purchase intent keywords are the keywords searchers use when they have already gone through the previous steps in the sales funnel. They have done their research, completed the comparison-shopping phase, and are ready to click that buy button. Purchase intent keywords can also be called bottom of the funnel conversions, and they are a key component of any SEO strategy. To make sure you know exactly what we are talking about, here are some examples of purchase intent keywords:

  • Price of XYZ
  • Discount on XYZ
  • Promo code for XYZ
  • Best place to buy XYZ
  • Coupon for XYZ
  • Offer for XYZ

Find Purchase Intent Keywords for Your Brand

As you can see, purchase intent keywords are pretty simple to identify once you know what you are looking for. So you have two options: You can run your keyword research like normal and scan the list for these words, or you can make a few tweaks in the Google Keyword Planner for even more precise results.

  • Step 1: In the “Words to Include” section of the Google Keyword Planner, mark the main purchase intent keywords, including: best, price, discount, review, coupon, offer, promo, etc. Google will only show your PPC ad when these terms are part of the search.
  • Step 2: In the “Negative Keywords” section of the Google Keyword Planner, select the words that are clearly far away from purchase intent keywords, including: what, why, when, which, who, types of, etc. Google will not show your PPC ad when these words are used.
  • Step 3: When reviewing your keyword list, pay attention to the words with the highest bid price. These terms cost the most because they are the most likely to lead to a conversion, and they are almost always purchase intent keywords.

While purchase intent keywords are not the only type you need to use in your PPC campaign, they are one of the most important. When you can capture the audience that is ready to commit, your conversion rates will soar. To learn how to make purchase intent keywords work for your brand, contact Zero Gravity Marketing now.