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Social Media Marketing – The Importance of Targeting Your Audience

social media marketing
12 Apr 2017

Within the overall umbrella of an effective digital marketing strategy, social media campaigns can bolster traffic and net an impressive ROI. Your SEO agency can do more than just improve search words and get you on track for the organic results you need. For your social media marketing efforts, your audience will be the key to a lot of your decision making. Knowing who your audience is, on every level, will help you speak to them in a way that engages their interest and develops loyalty with your brand. Additionally, social media marketing can positively impact your SEO.

Benefits of Targeting Your Audience for Social Media

In most cases, you’ll want a clear picture of exactly who your audience is – this might include customer profiles that list everything from age to favorite hobbies. Knowing as much as you can about who your buyer is will help you speak directly to them, which is integral for successful social media campaigns. Some decisions you’ll make based on your target audience include:

  • Platform. There are many different social media platforms and they all have benefits and best uses. Knowing your audience is the key to knowing where to find them, so targeted marketing will eliminate wasted time on platforms that don’t meet your optimal needs.
  • Tailored Posts. Your audience might respond well to images or video. Some may respond better to longer written content. The type of posts that work for your needs can be tailored to the audience for better engagement.
  • Timing. Knowing your audience means that you have the edge on timing your posts around occasions and current events that will be important to them. This allows you to coat tail off of breaking news stories and other pop culture.
  • Profile. Your audience will be particular in the types of things that speak to them and your profile setup is no exception. Use your targeted knowledge to help inform everything from your image choices to the way your summaries are worded.

One thing you should realize is that your audience can change and expand. You may find that you’ve been targeting one audience but another type of customer emerges. Digital marketing is fluid so you can use the knowledge as you go to tailor new campaigns as your audience grows. This allows a more individualized approach for better engagement.

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