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Successful Google AdWords Display Advertising

google adwords display advertising
11 May 2016

Running a PPC campaign is a great way to reach new customers, and can be even more effective with the help of the Google Display Network. This AdWords option takes an ad beyond the search results page, and shows your ads on a variety of websites across the Internet. These are our best practices to follow in order to make the most of the advertising dollars used on the Google Display Network.

Check Conversions Regularly

It’s impossible to optimize an AdWords campaign with inaccurate data, and conversion rates change every moment. By reviewing the conversion tracking regularly, companies can stay on top of their campaign to ensure they are getting the results they desire.

Keep the Google Display Network Campaign Separate

While it may seem simpler to integrate the search and display campaigns, it’s crucial to run them separately. Search campaigns rely solely on keywords, while display campaigns can show results based on intent. By running distinctive AdWords campaigns, the appropriate methods can be used to optimize each one.

Consider All Touch Points

Some companies choose to only pay attention to the last-click attribution to determine which sources are bringing them results, but this is inaccurate data. The road to conversion usually involves several media touch points, and it’s important to keep them all in mind.

Remember Remarketing

Most consumers will visit a website six times before making a purchase. By putting remarketing to good use, the buyer can be re-engaged at the perfect moment when they are ready to commit.

Use Similar Audiences

One option within the Google Display Network is called Similar Audiences. It works by locating people with similar interests as the company’s current remarketing prospects. This AdWords option has been shown to increase conversions by thirty-eight percent.

Experiment with Other AdWords Options

Additional options worth using in the Google Display Network are Keyword Targeting and In-market Audiences. Both selections allow the user to locate highly qualified customers in a cost-effective way. Keyword Targeting looks at a shopper’s previous history to show them relevant ads, while In-market Audiences locates people who are currently researching other items or services within the same industry.

Explore Various Sizes and Formats

There is no way for a business to know which format of ad will resonate the most with their intended audience. Companies should run both text and image ads in different sizes to ensure every preference is met. In doing so, the conversion rate will multiply without the cost-per-acquisition increasing.

Automate Bids

It saves time and provides better results. What more needs to be said?

Evaluate the AdWords Campaign Consistently

The Google Display Network automatically places ads on the websites it feels are the best match for the advertiser. However, Google doesn’t always get it right. Companies should login regularly and evaluate where their ads are being shown. If certain categories and websites aren’t getting results, they should be added to the excluded list to prevent them from being used again.


By following the aforementioned tips, companies can effectively run an AdWords campaign through the Google Display Network. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing to find out more about the Google Display Network and to learn how we can make it work for you.