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Website Design

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We offer a variety of website design and development solutions ranging from static design websites to sites that are built on content management systems (CMS) to ecommerce websites. WordPress is an excellent solution for most clients.  It enables them to edit and manage their content with ease.  It has a built in BLOG with direct ties into social media sites like Facebook and Twitter making social media marketing a snap. We also offer mobile websites, optimized to function on a smartphone with click to call buttons and navigation that works well with human fingers.

Content Development

Our content developers can optimize text for search engines and attract prospects while describing your services.  We will create professional, attractive and relevant text pertaining to your particular business.


For some websites, stock photography just won’t cut it.  Having product photos, photos of your location or headshots of key employees can personalize your website making it much more effective.  We offer multiple photography solutions including product photography, portraiture, work space and outdoor imaging. Read the photography page for more information

Website Maintenance

Zero Gravity offers comprehensive website management and maintenance after your site goes live. Our skilled staff can update your News, Twitter and Facebook feeds with relative and current content. We can change product or menu information and create monthly emails and newsletters. We have numerous custom monthly plans sure to fit your needs.

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