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Four Main Elements of Digital Marketing

elements of digital marketing
17 Mar 2016

The world of digital marketing is undoubtedly complex. It is full of countless strategies that people use to garner website visits and grow sales. Obviously, you know about earth, wind, water and fire, but for the world of digital marketing, these elements are search engine optimization, email marketing, a social media strategy, and a PPC campaign.

Earth: Search Engine Optimization

The foundation of every digital marketing strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). It encompasses a variety of techniques used to get your website to show up on the search results. In general, search engine optimization includes:

  • Getting high-quality inbound links
  • Making sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Ensuring there are no technical glitches on your site
  • Using keywords throughout your content without keyword stuffing
  • Incorporating keyword-rich title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions
  • Posting grammatically correct, engaging, relevant content

Wind: Email Marketing

Email marketing is the element that will get your digital marketing efforts moving. When used correctly, email marketing will drive sales, keep your customers interested, and reinforce your brand. The abundance of automation tools available today make email marketing even easier because it doesn’t take up a lot of your time or cost that much money. And with the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and instant email notifications, it may just be more effective than ever.

Water: Social Media Strategy

Just like you can’t survive without water, your business won’t make it without a strong social media strategy. Why? Because it is the number one way to improve your brand awareness and build relationships with your followers. The good news is that you don’t have to be present and active on all of the social media sites; you just need to choose the ones that fit the best with your industry.

Fire: PPC Campaign

Finally, you need something to set your digital marketing strategy on fire, and that element is a PPC campaign. A pay-per-click campaign gets you to the top of the search results instantaneously (remember, organic search takes time), and even though you are paying for these clicks, it is a great way to get targeted traffic to your site. A PPC campaign can also be a valuable tool for keyword research.

The Sun: Content

So now that you have the four elements of digital marketing, it is time to talk about the one aspect they all revolve around: your content (the sun of the analogy, if you will):

  • You will fill your content with keywords and title tags for your search engine optimization.
  • You need incredible content to send out in your email marketing to get people’s attention.
  • To get the likes and shares you need as part of your social media strategy, engaging, entertaining content is a must.
  • With your PPC campaign, you must ensure that the click you are paying for leads to strong content that will keep them interested.

So yes, at first the world of digital marketing may seem complex, but when you break it down into these four elements, it’s easy to see how it all works together. For help with your digital marketing strategy, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.