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What to Look For When Choosing a SEO Reseller in Connecticut

02 Jan 2015

Choosing the best SEO reseller for your agency is crucial to your client’s success online. White label SEO resellers are posed to represent your company, and should stay consistent with your level of professionalism and branding. Not only that, but clients hold your company accountable for their results. So yes, it’s crucial that you find the best SEO reseller in Connecticut. Now, you could just stop here and contact us for the big win, but if you need to shop around first, here’s what you should look for:


Not all white label SEO agencies in Connecticut are good at getting results. While plenty of people claim to be experts, few of them really are. So how do you decipher the between the two? By taking a look at their credentials. Google offers a certification program, which requires the SEO reseller in Connecticut to pass several exams to prove that they really know their stuff when it comes to white hat SEO. Without this certification, well, you are really just taking their word for it.

Proven Track Record

Credentials are one thing, but does the SEO reseller just look good on paper, or do they actually get results? To find out, you need to talk to their clients. Are they happy with the results the SEO reseller is providing? Would they recommend them to their friends? These are both questions you should be investigating—and if you aren’t happy with the answers, move on.

Complete Transparency

One of the biggest red flags when searching for a SEO reseller in Connecticut is a company that will not tell you what they are doing to boost your clients’ rankings. You deserve to know exactly what is being done on your behalf. Not only do you need to make sure the SEO reseller is delivering on their promises, you need ensure they are using approved SEO techniques instead of ‘black hat’ ones. And if you are white labeling the SEO services, it is especially important that you are kept in the loop so you can answer any questions your clients have.


You should be having an abundance of conversations with whichever SEO reseller you choose, so you want to make sure you get along with each other, and that they are willing to work around your schedule. You know how a good boss can make a world of difference in your quality of life? The same goes for an SEO reseller in Connecticut. Pick one that is accommodating and personable and you will not regret it.

Just in case you were wondering Zero Gravity Marketing is Google Adwords and Analytics certified, easy to get along with, honest, and have an army of happy clients behind us. We may be the best SEO reseller in Connecticut. Contact us today to find out more about our SEO Reseller Program.