Given the unique business challenges that the COVID-19 situation has created for businesses, now is the most important time ever to communicate with your customers.  We recommend using your website, email messages and updates via social media posts to get the word out about how you’re able to serve customers, how you’re handling work adjustments during this period, and what steps you’re taking to keep your customers safe. For those businesses that currently do not have the means to manage these efforts, we have prepared packages that will allow us to collectively get your message to those that need it.

COVID-19 Business Communication Package Includes:

1 Webpage (includes updates):

We will start by creating a banner for your homepage that will direct visitors to an updated webpage. Here is where customers, visitors, and more can learn about your approach to COVID-19 and what your business is doing to shift gears. This web page will be the epicenter for all COVID-19 related content.

1 Email Per Week:

We will create weekly email blasts that will be sent to your customer base including but not limited to the following: hours of operation and safety measures taken, how you’re serving customers, and if you’ve needed to close we will communicate details about when your business will be reopening.

1-2 Social Media Posts Per Week:

social media is a direct line of communication to keep clients up to date on your business, and it’s widely reported that people in the US turn to Facebook for news more so than any other news source. Timely communication is of the utmost importance right now. That’s why we will ensure that your posts are prioritized and posted as quickly as possible. They will direct your audience and followers to the above webpage for further information and updates.

Google My Business (GMB) Updates:

Your GMB is the first thing most people see when searching for your business. So, it’s important to keep information like special hours, delivery (or curbsite/takeout) options up-to-date.  We can also create GMB posts that will link to your COVID-19 webpage for more detail.

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