Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM) is a full-service digital marketing and video production agency. When you work with our team, you get individuals with extensive backgrounds in producing, scriptwriting, shooting, and editing video content. Video is the fastest-growing type of content across websites and social media platforms, as seen on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more. Why has there been such a dramatic increase? Because video conveys your businesses’ information in a humanizing, visually pleasing, and digestible way.

What Is Video Production?

Production is the entire process of creating a video. Whether short films or commercials, the production stages include five steps: introduction, storyboard, pre-production, production, and post-production. It takes more than someone to operate a camera to successfully create video content. You need skilled individuals who understand the target audience, goals, and objectives.

That’s where ZGM comes in.

What Is Video Animation?

Video animation is the process of designing, drawing, creating layouts, and preparing images integrated with audio, video, and text. At Zero Gravity Marketing, we work with our clients to understand the type of animation they want, what it will be used for, and how it can help with their marketing goals. We begin with a kickoff call to discuss the topic and brainstorm ideation for the flow, message, length, budget, and more.

Once we have established the groundwork for the animated videos, we proceed with:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Providing short snippets of the animated look and feel before completion
  • Voiceovers
  • Music tracks
  • Graphic design transitions
  • Reviewing/editing process

ZGM also creates different kinds of animation, including a version where we take stock video for those who prefer a hybrid of both real video and animation.

Why Do You Need Video Production?

Video production plays a significant role in the success of your marketing strategy. Marketing with videos increases engagement on social channels and educates your audience on your product or service in an eye-catching way. Because video marketing is so important to your overall marketing plan, you need an expert video production team to create high-quality, professional videos for your company. When you let the video production specialists at ZGM create your video content, you will receive:

  • Videos made with high-quality equipment
  • Streamlined video editing
  • Goal-oriented storytelling
  • Proactive management of all moving parts

Additionally, working with video experts saves you more time than if you were to create one yourself. So, continue making your company the best it can be and leave it to us to bring its story to life.

The ZGM Approach

The Zero Gravity Marketing team thinks of ourselves as an extension of yours. We believe it’s essential to begin with a kickoff to get to know you, your businesses’ background, and what you aim to achieve. Doing this helps us align our plan for your company and fill you in on how we’re going to develop one.

Our strategic approach to video production includes five stages:

The first phase of the video process begins with a meeting and a deep dive into the client’s business. We discuss the organization's background, analyze any previous video efforts, and determine marketing goals that this video will try to achieve. The introduction should be a detailed talk about information that can help us begin the video creation process.

Once we are experts in the client’s organization, the creative process begins. This phase involves brainstorming concepts, structure, and calls to action into the storyboard and script. Here, we create the general outline for the video. Throughout this process, our experts will draft multiple video concepts and scripts for the client.

Once the storyboard and script drafts are approved, we prepare models or voice actors and set up the studio. This stage often takes the longest, as we need to assemble all the supplies and schedule dates. Everything must be perfect when it comes time to shoot!

Production is where the video comes to life. Our video producer will manage video shoots with equipment or film crews if necessary. We will decide which crew members will be needed, what cameras should be used, and the film dates. Then, the action begins, and the video is shot.

Once the live shoot or animation is complete, a video producer works with our editing team to perfect your final video. This may include color correction or toning, integrating voiceovers and music, audio adjustments, and adding additional motion graphics.

Our Video Production Services

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we have all sorts of video production services. They include:

  • Scriptwriting & storyboarding. Our video producer will develop a draft script based on what was discussed during the brainstorming session. When approved, our video editor will work with our animation team to produce full illustrations of key scenes and elements of your video. Doing this gives you a chance to understand the flow of the video’s storyline.
  • Motion design & animation. Once planning and artwork are complete, ZGM will produce animations with the proper equipment and crew. Our team brings your storyboards alive through semi-custom or fully custom animated commercials.
  • Voiceovers. A video producer will have voiceover talent options to select from to read through your script.
  • Music. Our video producer will also source music from royalty-free sources and create a final selection of options for you to choose from. The music choices will be based on availability and cost.

Video Production Frequently Asked Questions

We film your videos with professional cameras, lighting, and audio equipment.

Cost varies between video type and what is included. A semi-custom animated commercial is priced differently than a fully custom one, and so on.

We deliver your videos as HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) broadcast-ready and web-ready video files. Our team will include transcript files containing captions for social and a video hosting platform.

Production is where the video comes to life. Our video producer will manage video shoots with equipment or film crews if necessary. We will decide which crew members will be needed, what cameras should be used, and the film dates. Then, the action begins, and the video is shot.

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