Web Design

True website design isn't an off-the-shelf situation. If you really want to talk to your audience in a manner that makes the most sense to them, you need to tailor your website (design, content, and navigation) to the people you're trying to attract. That means standard templates and DIY web design simply don't have the power of personalization a firm like Zero Gravity Marketing can offer.

Our team will not only curate a site that provides optimal usability while putting your company on a pedestal, we'll also help you:

  • Curate appropriate content that speaks to your company's mission and values;
  • Maintain your site long after you go live, ensuring everything from your Twitter feed to your email blasts are current, relevant, and valuable to your audience;
  • Integrate real photographs that'll elevate your brand far above boring stock photos.
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Logo Design & Branding

Only in rare circumstances will you come across a marketing company that's staffed by a powerhouse of creative pros that can take care of all aspects of your business, from branding to print collateral. Fortunately, you've found Zero Gravity Marketing.

Our design creatives are experts at capturing the personalities of our clients' businesses and integrating them into unique, memorable logos that people will immediately correlate with their companies when they see them. We understand the importance of the fine details, and we'll work with you to capture the right colors, typeface, and icons. Your logo tells a visual story of your brand, often making an impression on people long before they've actually found themselves down the sales funnel.

And, since your logo is everywhere, you want to make sure your vendor of choice nails the image you're going for. ZGM carefully crafts logos that, upon completion, are custom-built for presentation on your:

  • Website
  • eCommerce pages
  • Social media channels
  • Business cards
  • Marketing collateral
  • Business letterhead
  • T-shirts and tradeshow swag
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Today's consumers don't respond to stock images. They want to see real photography that tells the story of your company. We offer multiple photography solutions, including:

  • Product photography
  • Portraiture
  • Workspace and outdoor imaging
  • A professional photographer can absolutely change the way your customers see your company.
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Direct Mail Marketing & Print Services

Direct mail and print marketing—when used in conjunction with inbound marketing methodologies—enhances your outreach. Here's the trick: fewer companies today use direct mail, which means recipients are far more likely to pay attention to messages in mailers than they were ten years ago. To optimize your efforts, we'll:

  • Help you target specific audiences based on demographics, geographic regions, personal interests, income, or any other factors that will help you hone in on your ideal audience;
  • Create brochures, flyers, direct mail, and business cards;
  • Modernize the way direct mail and print services are delivered

It's all about messaging. When you know how to convey your message correctly, the right people will knock at your door. When you don't know how to convey what you want to say, you need ZGM by your side.

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Large-Scale Graphics

When big and bold brand awareness isn't quite enough, you need something more dramatic than everyday materials. This is where large-scale graphics enter the picture. Our team is equipped to deliver exceptional products that exceed the boundaries of ordinary marketing. Thing big. Think:

  • Car wraps
  • Tradeshow booths
  • Company signage
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Large-Scale Graphics
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What is Organic SEO?

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