'Engagement' is a big word in today's world, but where does it come from?

The key is interactivity.

At Zero Gravity Marketing, our interactive touchscreen applications and user-focused products are built from the ground up with your business and audience at the heart of every project. If you truly want to engage your audience—whether you're targeting internal customers within your company or external consumers who will bring you revenue—our design and development team will create a customized website, portal, or advertisement that's perfectly suited for your needs.

Interactive and Touchscreen Applications

Our team of developers utilizes its vast knowledge and experience to deliver products that are genuinely tailor-made. We offer a full menu of design options, including everything from building responsive WordPress websites to creating custom-coded website applications with various integration points for global corporations.

Among the applications we can integrate into your project, the following are a few of our most popular options:

  1. Animated Video
  2. Gamification
  3. Employee Education
  4. Sales Team or Agent Training
  5. Touchscreen Applications
  6. Flip Panels
  7. Product Hotspots

Video Production: Animation & Live Action

Video content is an integral piece of marketing. ZGM offers full video capabilities, including live action and 3D/4D animation. We create corporate videos, commercials, training videos, and anything else our clients need.

Animation and action call upon your users' imaginations to experience your brand unlike anything else possibly can. When you employ the power of moving pieces within your website, your customers experience your product in a realistic way that sticks with them. This is where brand awareness is born.

The motion and brilliant colors of animation are intended to grab attention. These elements help bring your products to life, explaining things in a way that words simply can't. With animation and live video, you can demonstrate exactly what you want your audience to see, feel, and know, enabling them to understand your business from your eyes.

Intranet & Employee Portal Development

Managing employees can be tough, but when you have the right tools in play, everything falls right into place. Our development team can help you create an intranet that's easy to use while also being engaging. We'll work with you to understand your current pain points and goals, so we can design an employee portal that makes life easier for your administrators, leaders, and staff.

Our developers will develop a strategy, create the taxonomy and information architecture, and determine the configuration and installation needs for your company. From there, we'll design the user interface, asking you for input throughout the process. We also provide system upgrades, as well as maintenance and support of the intranet environment. We're your partners in this endeavor.

Are you interested in deploying an enterprise social network (ENS)? We'll be happy to help you plan, develop, and roll out an ENS that's built for excellent employee engagement.

ZGM believes in being creative and leaving the cookie-cutter templates to our competitors. If you're ready for a truly unique product that's custom-built for your business, learn how Zero Gravity Marketing defines engagement and interactivity, today.

ZGM Awards & Recognition

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Inc5000 2021 logo
MOZ recommended company 2023
Top Work Places 2021
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CDAC Award