Content Marketing is crucial to online and offline success, and at ZGM we go above and beyond to ensure that your Content Marketing strategy launches your business to the next level. With our Content Marketing services, you can expect high-quality SEO-optimized blogs, webpages, brochures, and more that are written and edited by expert writers with experience and in-depth knowledge about your industry. From strategy and development to content creation and optimization, our Content Marketing services will help you achieve your business goals.

ZGM content marketing services

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is about creating and distributing unique, educational, and engaging web content with the end goal of increasing conversions. It’s not about directly selling your products or services but instead offering value to your audience with the intention of retaining customers and attracting new ones. If you continuously provide your website visitors with valuable and educational information, they will, in turn, reward you with their business and loyalty.

Why You Need a Content Marketing Company

To put it simply, content is king, and everyone who has a business needs Content Marketing. It’s been reported that businesses who use a Content Marketing strategy get 6x more conversions compared to businesses that don’t. Whether you’re strictly online, or you operate a brick-and-mortar location, here’s what professional Content Marketing services can accomplish:

“Our content strategy as an agency is always evolving. From industry topics to breaking digital marketing news, we are always looking for new content to post to our blog to become an educational source for our readers. Because of our ability to shift gears and write about what’s relevant, we can get the latest news out on our blog and target the topics people search for answers on. We also create different content types to ensure we’re covering all areas of our business and meeting our target audience’s needs. From educational information to blogs, SEO specific articles, case studies, and more, our team always takes a deep dive into the data to see what pages are converting and what people are searching for to then create topics and pieces of content that are relevant.” -Alyssa Anderson, Content Manager

Did you know that Content Marketing can generate 3x more leads than traditional marketing? That’s why it’s essential to have content that follows Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards. Google loves high-quality, E-E-A-T content, so when you publish a blog or webpage with keywords and SEO best practices in mind, this can help boost website traffic, drive brand awareness, and offer value and insights into your industry, products, and services.

One of the most valuable things your business can do is establish a brand. Not only does it define your business, but it gives you a voice and allows you to send a message and influence your customers or clients purchase intent. With a well-defined Content Marketing strategy, you are regularly posting content that informs, entertains, and educates your audience. Whether it’s a blog, webpage, social post, or email, the content you create can have an impact on your target audience and allows you to communicate with them, build trust, and increase brand loyalty.

When a customer or client first arrives on your website, they most likely won’t be ready to buy from you or book a service, demo, or consultation. They’ll first have questions and need to educate themselves on what you’re offering. That’s where Content Marketing comes in – a well-rounded Content Marketing strategy can help bring potential customers one step closer to buying and gives you a leg up over the competition.

Content marketing as a part of your digital strategy, you can connect and communicate with consumers through all stages of the buyer’s journey. With assets like SEO blog posts, infographics, brochures, and emails, you can create top and bottom of funnel content that educates and guides users through each stage.

Getting your message, products, and services to the forefront of your target audience isn’t easy – especially now that consumers have so much power in what they want to see. But with compelling Content Marketing campaigns, your business can become the go-to location for your customers. By understanding who you’re trying to target and educating yourself on their preferences, questions, goals, and desires, you can put out content that not only answers their questions but entices them to read, engage, and come back time and time again.

Consumers will most likely always research products or services before investing in them, going to the most reputable sources for information and answers to their questions. With Content Marketing strategies, you can become that trusted source for information in your industry. By creating interesting things like blog posts, gated content, and brochures, you can build that trust early on and become their go-to sources for information in the future. Becoming an industry leader through high-quality content pieces can then lead to more conversions, purchases, and visits because you’re considered the best in the business.

The ZGM Approach/Our Process

At ZGM, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team. That’s why we believe it’s important to begin with a full briefing and kickoff to your content marketing campaign. This is where we will work with you to completely understand your company, brand voice, audience, and industry. We’ll also identify what tone and style you’re seeking in your content.

Every business is different, and your content should be too. So, our content strategists will work to map out topics that are unique to your business. These will include topics that are specific to your services and/or products, as well as your industry. We will also keep in mind any commonly asked questions that your audience maybe be going to Google for answers on. Our team also work closely with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategists to weave in webpages where it will benefit your business and can create content calendars for more in-depth and elaborate Content Marketing plans including anything from whitepapers, infographics, eBooks, and more.

Before beginning content creation, once you have picked your selected topics or topic, we will build a framework to outline the blog, webpage, or other content type to ensure we’re on the right track. This will include any specific details, statistics, products, or services you want to touch on. We will also identify any keywords to include in your content that will help with SEO efforts. Once approved, we will have a writer who is skilled in your specific industry begin crafting your content.

Once the content creation is complete, our job is not done. We do a thorough reading of the submitted content to check for grammar, readability, and more before sending it to you to review. In addition, just to triple check our work, we’ll have an SEO strategist provide a recommended URL, Meta Title, and Meta Description based on your chosen keywords, so when it comes time to upload the content to your website, it is fully optimized and ready for Google and target audience.

Once live on your website, we can give your content the extra push it needs with our Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing services. For more information on incorporating these strategies into your digital marketing package, check out our digital marketing strategies.

Wondering how your content marketing campaign is doing? We are happy to provide monthly reports, so you can see how your content is performing. In addition, we can provide insights and recommendations for future topics and campaigns based on what visitors are clicking on and where they’re staying on page the longest.

ZGM content marketing goals

Content Marketing Services We Offer at ZGM

  • Webpage Content:
    • Location Pages
    • Service Pages
    • Features Pages
    • Comparison Pages
    • And More
  • Product Copywriting
  • Blogs & Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Emails
  • Guides & Brochures
  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Scriptwriting for Short-form Videos
  • And More

Content Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

Content Marketing is a long-term investment. When done correctly, it can cost you 62% less than traditional marketing and generate 3x the amount of leads. And according to HubSpot’s latest benchmark report, companies with over 400 blog posts got twice the amount of traffic than those with less than 400.

Content Marketing is not something you want to take on if you’re looking for a short-term, three-month marketing campaign because you won’t see the benefits of this quickly. Rather, it’s something you want to plan out and put a strategy behind, so you can work to see long-term results. Typically, results can be seen within six to nine months. But in order to see these results, you need to be posting high-quality content consistently. This means including keywords and implementing SEO content best practices within your content and targeting the right audiences with the right topics as part of your strategy.

Blogging frequency depends on your goals and what you want to accomplish with your blog. If you’re looking to increase organic traffic, you want to post a few times a week or more. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, these don’t have to go out as often (once a week or less) because traffic-driving content will take priority. Marketing Insider Group’s research found that businesses that publish 16 or more blogs a month get 3.5x more leads than companies that publish four or less blogs a month. So, ideally, the more you can post the better!

There truly are no set rules on how long a blog post should be. Blog length really depends on the goals of your blog and what information you’re trying to get across in your topic. If you’re looking to write a piece of content for Search Engine Optimization purposes, go a little bit longer (1000+ words). If you’re promoting an announcement or answering some commonly asked questions, then go a bit shorter (500-750 words). Zero Gravity Marketing will always recommend to focus on the quality of content rather than the quantity.

It really depends which type of content you’re looking to create, as well as the topic, goal, length, and the technicality of the piece. A 500-word blog post, for example, typically takes us seven business day to complete. However, if there are revision rounds involved, it may take a little longer to finalize the content. Meanwhile, something more time-consuming like a whitepaper that may involve design work, content creation, and rounds of back and forth with a client, can take anywhere from 10 days to one month to finalize.

More content means more keywords, and Google prefers substantial amounts of content containing those keywords. Content Marketing allows you and your business to expand beyond small paragraphs of copy on the homepage of your website or on social media. Through blogs, articles, guides, and other longer forms of content, you can incorporate keywords and target phrases that people are searching for. You can also achieve goals such as reducing bounce rate by keeping people on the page longer with engaging content, and you can achieve higher rankings.

Create Custom Content Marketing Strategies with ZGM

If you’re looking for results-driven Content Marketing strategies, you’ve come to the right place. At ZGM, we take the time to understand every aspect of your business so we can deliver truly custom content for your brand that demonstrates your core values. While we make sure the quality of your content is second to none, while also ensure it will get you found on the search results pages. So, whether you’re new to digital marketing or you have a Content Marketing strategy in place that doesn’t seem to be getting the job done, our team is ready to step in and deliver the engaging content you deserve.

For more information about Content Marketing, contact us today!

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