The SEO Benchmark Report

A vital part of our SEO packages is our in-depth keyword research. As a search engine optimization company, we have access to valuable tools that will tell us how many searches are performed for a keyword phrase and the amount of compeition for that phrase. We use this research to build a list of target keyword phrases for increased natural search rankings. The target keyword phrases should be those that have many searches per month, a relatively small amount of competition and a high degree of relevancy to your website.

A keyword ranking report is a check to see where you rank in major search engine results for your target keyword phrases. This information helps us see which direction the search engines are leaning. It is then possible to optimize pages that have some decent rankings with the search engines and boost them to high search engine rankings. This idea of “going with the grain” can make your SEO efforts much more beneficial as opposed to attempting to rank highly for a keyword phrase that your website is not yet “on the map” for in the search engines. We also use this ranking report to benchmark your current rankings so that we may measure improvement with future ranking reports. Moving forward, rankings are checked every week using our Moz SEO tools. We provide these reports to our clients so we can track the progress and make further recommendations.

Any website that competes with your website for search engine rankings is your online competitor from an SEO perspective. We reverse engineer websites that rank highly for your most important keyword phrases and analyze the techniques that they used to achieve their rankings. We take a look at their website code, including their META tags, ALT tags, and Header tags. We make note of their keyword frequency and density of top keyword phrases. Analysis of inbound links and social media optimization is performed. We research the competitors Marketing Grade, Traffic Rank, Indexed Pages, Linking Domains and MozRank. For larger sites (where the data is available), we also compare the approximate number of visits competitors receive and compare the data to your analytics data. Using the SEO techniques of the sites that rank highest for your most important keyword phrases is highly recommended.

In this stage of the SEO benchmark report, we analyze your website’s architecture. We check to make sure navigation elements are search engine friendly. We look for issues, such as text which is not readable by the search engines because it is contained within images or flash. We look for duplicate content that can cause problems with the search engines. The text is also analyzed to determine if the top keyword phrases are used often enough in the right places. Title tags, META tags, ALT tags and Header tags are analyzed. We check for XML sitemaps, social media integration, 301 redirects, 404 pages, etc. to ensure that the site is fully optimized for search.

Factors that are outside of your website have an effect on your search engine rankings such as the number of inbound links. An inbound link is a link from a website that is not yours which points to your website. The number and quality of links pointing to your site is one of the main ranking factors that search engines use to rank content. In the search engine’s eyes, a quality link pointing to your site is a “vote of confidence” for that content and gives the page a much better chance at ranking highly for targeted keyword phrases. In this section of the report, we also check to see how many social media shares your website has received and check to see if your company has a fully populated Google+ page.

Search engine saturation analysis is a check of the major search engines to see if they have indexed all content on your site and to ensure that they have not indexed anything that they shouldn’t have. It is not uncommon to find that the search engines have not indexed large portions of a site. We also find old outdated pages that should have been removed from the server and orphan pages that leave visitors stranded. We recommend a fix for any issues we see. Google search console is setup for all SEO clients from which we submit an XML sitemap of all pages to ensure the full site is indexed.

Having website analytics is only useful if you know how to interpret the data and what action to take based upon the data you see. In this phase of the report, we analyze and interpret all of your analytics data and make recommendations based on our findings. Visits and conversions by source are reported in order to make more informed decisions about your digital marketing budget. Flaws with analytic’s data, issues with tracking codes, and issues with tracking of goals are also reported. We pay particular attention to conversion rates and engagement of visitors by source. Top landing pages are analyzed in order to improve performance and to decrease the bounce rate. Top keywords and top referring websites are analyzed.

The SEO Implementation Plan

We map out your site and match each page with the keyword phrases that are most relevant based upon the content of the page. We then write unique title tags and META descriptions that are relevant to each page. SEO best practices for title tags and META description tags are closely observed. The keyword map serves as a guide for content developers giving them guidance on what content they may add to each page. In addition, ZGM will also write new header tags and ALT tags for all pages.

If you want to increase your website’s rankings, it is important to continue to add content to your website on a regular basis. Having additional content will increase the number of keywords on your website and if you have the right kind of content, it can also help you build links. A blog is an excellent place to add resource content, otherwise known as link bait. A part of our monthly SEO services, we will recommend topics for your content development and recommend the best place to post the content on your site.

One of the most important parts of our natural SEO services is our link building strategies. When you can produce engaging content that earns you a link from another site, you are telling Google that you are an authority in your industry. Utilizing our tools, we are able to search and find blogs and websites that are relevant. We measure the effectiveness of the link by looking at the domain authority, page authority, outbound links and spam score. We then contact the website owner to request a link, in most cases pitching a guest blog post. Many of the links can be built for free in exchange for the guest blog, but in some instances we negotiate a fair one-time price for links. We are able to monitor to ensure the link stays in place after it is built. Our tools ensure that we are successful in finding link opportunities whereas many other manual link building efforts fail. Utilizing the spam score in MOZ, ZGM will disavow any spammy links to prevent them from damaging natural search rankings. With a strong link building strategy, your SEO efforts will be that much more powerful.

Citations are an important off-page SEO factor. They are an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number. Like links to your website, Google uses them when evaluating the online authority of your business. Using our tools, we search the web for inconsistent citations and citation opportunities. We then fix inconsistencies and add new citation. When a business has many listings with consistent listing data, they build a “Citation Effect.”

A/B Testing is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. ZGM can create two separately designed landing pages for a certain product and design them differently with different call to actions and content, etc. Let’s call them “Design A” and “Design B”. Half of the visitors will go to Design A while the other half will go to Design B. Whichever page gives a better conversion rate will be used moving forward. This is a great strategy for measuring how the design, layout, and call to action directly affects your viewers website experience.

A conversion happens when a website visitor completes a desired action. For ecommerce websites, a conversion can be a purchase, while for service websites, a conversion may be when a visitor fills out the contact form . As an SEO agency, we make recommendations that help increase conversion rates, such as making forms shorter, adding incentives, adding calls to action, increasing urgency, etc.

Based on our analysis in the benchmark report, we will clearly outline the changes that need to be made to your code in order to increase your search engine rankings.

ZGM will monitor analytics reports and ranking reports and based on results from the initial optimization, META tags will be continually modified to capitalize on the ever-changing competitive factors and recent changes to search engine rankings. We also capitalize on high search engine rankings by reinforcing highly ranked pages with additional keyword phrases.

Every month we analyze statistics collected by Google Analytics, Moz and other tracking tools to determine whether you are seeing an increase in website rankings, visits and leads. Reporting includes recommendations based on the results, which will aide us in further optimizing the site for the search engines and in increasing conversion rates. During this phase, we check to ensure that search engines are indexing your site as intended, check for broken links and check your website speed.

In addition to the monthly reports, we will setup a reports dashboard that you can quickly visit and view all analytics data including visits from organic search and pay-per-click, reservations by source, rankings and any other KPIs you wish to see. The dashboards update automatically so you can check in on our progress in real time at any moment.

At the end of each month, the ZGM team will review results and make recommendations for upcoming months. A number of SEO/Inbound Marketing recommendations may be made based upon our knowledge of your goals. Together we will prioritize tasks and the ZGM team will execute.

SEO is only one piece to a much larger puzzle. With recent changes to search engine algorithms, it is now also necessary to perform Content Marketing. Content Marketing is built upon a solid foundation of SEO and the belief that if you are not talking about your business in the form of content, you will not be found. Simply tweaking META tags and optimizing pre-existing content is not enough to rank highly anymore. SEO is now about generating large amounts of content (blog posts, infographics, press releases, etc.) and optimizing them for search with keywords. ZGM will help to develop an editorial calendar of content topics. Upon approval of the topics, ZGM will develop the content, proof it, and submit it for review and approval. ZGM will optimize the content and will write Title tags, META description tags, Header tags and ALT tags. These articles will be fully SEO optimized by our SEO specialist based upon our solid understanding of your target keywords and SEO goals.


If you have a business that serves local communities, you should consider local SEO as part of your marketing strategy. Local SEO is the process of using strategic keywords and proven strategies to boost your rankings for specific geographic locations, as well as making sure your business is displayed in the maps on search engine results pages.

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Videos are a key component of any digital marketing strategy. We provide in-depth video SEO and YouTube SEO that helps video content get noticed by search engines and users alike. Our video SEO strategies get your video content ranked. As a result, you will increase your viewership, boost your organic rankings, and keep your customers happy.

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When your clients want SEO or link building services, and you lack either the knowledge or the manpower to give it to them, do you send them away to another firm and risk losing them as a client altogether? Or do you outsource the work to keep your clients happy? Our SEO Reseller Program and link building services let you retain your clients while providing them with the SEO services they need.

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