Our Strategy for Integrated Campaign & Media Planning

Your audience goes through a process before becoming your customers. We do the same thing when we're strategizing the campaigns that will ultimately generate optimal leads. We begin by understanding who we're talking to; your target audience will drive the way we approach your integrated campaign and media planning. From there, our marketing experts will focus on your firm's individual goals and objectives.

Creating a Detailed Plan

We'll create a detailed plan that's designed to have an intentional presence across the media channels that will have the most impact for your campaign. This is the point at which we'll help your brand establish credibility and trust with your potential customers. Utilizing robust research and data analytics, we'll learn what makes your target audience tick. Once we know why they're seeking a business like yours, we'll be able to hone their attention toward your specific brand.

At this phase of your campaign, we'll focus on:

Building Awareness

We'll make sure we understand who your customers are and why they're looking for a business like yours, so we can put you at the forefront of their searches. They need to know your company exists, and it's our job to bolster brand awareness. This is where SEO efforts and PPC advertising lay the foundation for the rest of your sales funnel.

Increasing Interest

Once your customers are familiar with the name of your business, we'll start building a rapport with your audience, working to build trust and develop relationships. This phase is focused on providing information so your leads can learn more about your business as they're doing research.

Focusing on Details

Successful campaigns are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, or Time-Bound). We stay on top of the details, paying attention to the channels on which your marketing is published while identifying strengths and opportunities at every stretch. Being meticulous means we're able to produce actual, measurable results. In turn, we can adjust your campaign along the way to ensure your brand stays top of mind.

Catering to the Consideration & Intent Stages

Using automated emails, free trial offers, and a combination of other attractive advertising methods, we'll help your leads make up their minds as they come to a final decision.

Crossing the Finish Line

It's imperative to nurture your leads when they get to the bottom of the funnel. Using carefully honed keywords, you'll experience an increase in click-through and conversion rates. Accurate call-to-action phrases and geo-targeted terms will make the most of your efforts.

Our goal is to coordinate different media channels, such that your marketing efforts are successful at every touchpoint along your customers' journeys. Our approach to integrated campaign and media planning enables you to bring tailored brand messaging to the table unlike anything else available. To get started with Integrated Campaign and Media Planning for your brand, contact Zero Gravity Marketing.

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