Your audience goes through a process before becoming your customers. We do the same thing when we’re strategizing the marketing campaigns that will ultimately generate optimal leads. Our team, at Zero Gravity Marketing, begins by understanding who your target audience is, which will drive the way we proceed with your integrated campaign and media planning. From there, you will have a dedicated force of marketing experts that are 100% all-in on analyzing and optimizing campaigns to hit your individual goals and objectives.

What is Integrated Campaign and Media Planning?

Integrated campaign and media planning is the process we go through to decide which media platforms to use in our client’s marketing campaigns. With an integrated media plan, we use a multi-channel approach. This means our team will include all different marketing methods from digital to traditional for a fully unified message for your audience across every channel.

The beginning stages of integrated campaign and media planning include leaning on our clients to inform us of their goals and target audience so we can build a powerful marketing funnel to support them. To allow our team to deliver a personalized marketing plan, you'll start by sharing details of your current and target customers. Whether you are completely certain of this information or are unsure where to begin (and that’s okay, too!), our team will step in and provide you with hard data to carve out your next steps.

Statistics show that consumers need anywhere from seven to 13 touchpoints from a brand before making a purchase, so it is crucial to incorporate an integrated campaign and strategy that hits consumers where they already are. Overall, it is essential to know when, how, and what you're communicating with your audience.

Why Do You Need Integrated Campaign and Media Planning?

To truly succeed with your marketing efforts, you need to implement an integrated plan. Because your target audience goes through a buyer’s journey before becoming customers, you want to reach people every step of the way. To do so, you will need to focus on multiple aspects of this approach. One is staying on brand to ensure potential customers will think of your company when moving to the funnel’s next step. You will want to make sure your messaging and running promotions are consistent across all platforms with the same look and feel.

You also need integrated campaign and media planning to understand where you’re spending money and why it’s effective. If all of your efforts are for lead generation or capturing consumer’s interests at the beginning of the buyer’s journey, you aren’t hitting potential customers in the middle of the funnel. Integrated campaigns address your need to convert and consider your brand from different customer perspectives and points in the customer journey.

Zero Gravity Marketing’s Approach to Integrated Marketing

The name of this approach might appear straightforward, but what our team does is far from it. Integrated campaign and media planning ensures that all of your marketing channels are aligned. This strategy goes beyond knowing that your channels are up and running — it means making sure your messaging, imagery, promotions, brand image, and voice are consistent and cohesive from planning through execution.

It attempts to meld all aspects of marketing communication, such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, social media, and more. We work together to ensure cohesion internally and externally with our clients to make informed recommendations that lead to seamless pivots. Incorporating an integrated approach ensures all channels are operating as one, following the same strategy, overarching business objectives, and company values.

How Our Digital Marketing Strategists Create Your Customized Plan

Our team becomes an extension of yours. We work on your projects to produce leads for your business as if it were our own. Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM) uses integrated campaigns and media planning to apply different marketing channels that work simultaneously together. That way, we can promote your products and services across multiple platforms. This typically involves strategic planning on the front- and back-ends of the campaigns.

When we create integrated marketing campaigns, the process is made up of six steps:

1. We Align Ourselves with Your Team

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we understand that it's imperative to become one with our clients' teams. During the alignment stage, we'll meet with you to understand your:

  • Marketing and sales goals
  • Target audiences
  • Unique brand values (UVPs)
  • Previous marketing efforts

2. We Add Our Research and Expertise to the Mix

Once we have the big picture of who you are and what you want to accomplish, your project will be accompanied by audience research to help us understand your:

  • Target audience and current customers
  • Channel performance
  • Data analytics

Armed with this information and ZGM’s intensive marketing background, we'll be able to determine the optimal media mix for your brand. We can set overarching goals for increasing interest, building awareness, and boosting conversions.

3. We Determine Each Channel and Recommended Media Budgets

At this point in the process, we can now determine the channel and campaigns that would be best for your business's unique goals while keeping the alignment of messaging and campaign timing at the forefront of our minds.

4. We Launch and Execute the Campaign

We aim to produce SMART campaigns. That is to say, campaigns that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. For example, in order to be able to measure and monitor in the upcoming step we first need to implement proper tracking across all possible elements so we can understand how it is working. Some areas where we do that include setting up Goal and Event tracking in Google Analytics to tie into specific actions taken on specific areas of the website that we may be driving to. We also use UTM codes across all campaign links to know where users are coming from and what they are doing on each channel. We love details and pride ourselves on creating plans that are meant to be executed in ways that make the most sense.

5. We Monitor and Measure

Here, ZGM utilizes all of the data we uncover to ensure we're keeping you on track while offering opportunities to pivot, so you always stay top-of-mind. Our goal is to optimize our efforts based on a data-driven approach. One of our ongoing forms of optimization is A/B or multivariate testing, where we are testing two types of creative assets or landing pages against each other with the same audiences to see which performs better based on the objective of conversions, engagement, traffic, etc. We will also execute to test different variables in order to continue to strive for the best experience for the audiences.

6. We Evaluate the Success of the Campaign

Our last step is to evaluate the campaign from the goal stage through execution and across every channel so we can apply insights that are channel- and campaign-specific. This also helps us make recommendations for future integrated plans. In addition, our team will create and review analytic reports for each client through native platforms and custom dashboards integrated with Google Analytics. This provides us with real-time data consistently throughout the campaign so we can pinpoint if we need to pivot.

Integrated Campaign & Media Planning Frequently Asked Questions

If done correctly, the entire campaign — and each channel or platform used — will seamlessly complement the others.

Yes. Besides giving you an efficient path to tell your audience about your brand, integrated marketing helps align sales and marketing teams. This helps keep a consistent brand image and streamlined buyer journey across the entirety of an organization.

The goal of an advertising plan is to create awareness of a brand and generate sales. Integrated campaigns and media planning aim to integrate various promotional tools and approaches to ensure a brand’s messaging and imagery are consistent.

Choose ZGM For Your Integrated Campaign & Media Planning

Our goal is to coordinate different media channels so that your marketing efforts are successful at every touchpoint along your customers' journeys. Our approach to integrated campaign and media planning enables you to bring tailored brand messaging to the table, unlike anything else available. To get started with integrated campaign and media planning for your brand, contact us today!

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