What sets your business apart from the competition?

When you work with Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM), we take your brand and its unique differentiators and position them for success. Brand positioning and strategy is at the core of everything our digital agency does because it establishes our clients’ businesses in their specific industry. Our goal is to focus you on a target market, clarify how you stand out from competitors, win new customers, and keep loyalty among previous ones, too.

If you want to achieve optimal results from your marketing efforts, it’s imperative to find a brand positioning agency that embraces every element of a robust marketing plan, research included. By working with the digital strategists at ZGM, we help you meet your goals by doing just that.

What Is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is the process of setting your business apart from your competitors in a way that builds preference for you among your target audience. It's all about creating a specific image in their mind of what your brand’s products or services can do for them — basically your identity in the eyes of the consumer. The way you position your brand can make the difference between potential customers choosing your business or another in your industry.

Brand Positioning Objectives

To start, you have to decide what your strategy’s intention is. Objectives for brand positioning include:

  • Relevance. Are your unique value propositions (UVPs) relevant to your target audience? Our goal is to be hitting potential customers with details that matter to them at that moment.
  • Differentiation. How is your pricing competitive? What about your products or services? Displaying how your business is different from the rest of the market is key.
  • Credibility & Attainability. If your company’s statements can’t be upheld, then we’d be making empty promises. We ensure all information regarding your business is advertised accurately to potential customers.

The ZGM Approach To Brand Positioning

When you start working with our full-service digital agency, the first part of our relationship is getting to know the in’s and out’s of your business. This includes both internal and external factors where we will go over your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). We will also cover landscape analysis, the assessment of competitor messages, customer interviews, persona research, and of course, data.

Our team works alongside you to discover your UVPs and how we can push these values across all marketing messages to reinforce them with your target audience. From there, we execute this position across channels such as emails, paid social and search, website design, and more to ensure we consistently keep these unique differentiators at the top of your audience’s minds.

Brand Positioning & Strategy Frequently Asked Questions

Brand positioning is key to your business’s success because having your UVPs defined for your customers directly correlates with their willingness to purchase. So, if you’re hitting them with everything they want to hear, they are much more likely to choose your brand than competitors.

Everyone! If you have a business and plan on marketing it, you need to know your unique values and market position. Even offline marketing efforts, including television, radio, print, and in-person events, benefit from brand positioning.

Our digital marketing team creates a strong strategy for our clients by understanding what your customers want, what your company is capable of offering, and how your competitors are positioning their brand so you can use your messaging to compete against them. We also use great copywriting to create enticing messaging for your brand.

A few examples include positioning your brand based on product characteristics, price, quality, and more. Once our team begins working with you, we will evaluate all potential positions we can take with your brand.

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