Each marketing plan we create includes specific tactics designed to achieve your inbound marketing goals. You can expect to see recommendations for online and off-line high-level marketing goals and digital strategies that target the customer audiences that we'll identify throughout your project.

Every marketing tactic we deploy will abide by three key factors over the duration of your campaign to help ensure your goals are met:

  • Measuring metrics. We set specific objectives, so we know exactly where opportunities and successes lie.
  • Evaluating strategies. We continually evaluate the process, maintaining flexibility when initial plans need to be reconsidered.
  • Making adjustments. No strategy is set in stone. Because we monitor your campaign and put a solid road in place from the very beginning, we can anticipate changes and adjust as needed.

The marketing plan we create for you will support your overall business goals; our initial planning and research will help drive revenue throughout the course of the campaign.

Although the process and scope will vary from project to project, we maintain a process template that enables us to accumulate the information necessary to facilitate a favorable outcome.

In the first phase of the process, we want to learn more about who you are and what you want from your campaign. Your sales, marketing, and executive leadership teams will play an essential role initially.

We'll work with your team to review your current marketing plan and strategy. From there, we'll validate and challenge your current plan, identifying key needs and building bridges where necessary.

With the groundwork in place, we'll set up meetings in which we'll discuss your company’s:

  • Brand persona
  • Value proposition and key differentiators
  • Key messages and tone
  • Customers' personas
  • Customers' journeys
  • Competitors
  • Existing content (strategy, materials, uses, strengths, and opportunities)

When this session is finished, you'll receive our report of recommendations where you'll provide feedback and approve the suggested builds.

We need to know your buyers' behaviors and trigger points. We'll talk to real people who will give us insights into what they want, why they want it, and how they think. The ZGM team will interview customers, gathering information that'll help us better understand who you're talking to, ultimately guiding our inbound strategies.

The landscape assessment and analysis allows us to review the big picture. During this phase, we'll investigate your organization’s:

  • Target audiences and overall industry (including news, events, key messages)
  • Competitors
  • Overall messaging, brand positioning, tone, strategies, and tactics
  • Existing Assets (such as websites, social media presence, marketing materials, and more)

Now it's time for us to review your existing content and identify scenarios in which your existing strategy may not align perfectly with our revised recommendations. We'll find opportunities and refine the details to ensure we're all on the same page. This is where we determine which content and strategies can be repurposed across platforms.

We'll be updating our strategy throughout these conversations.

Each conversation and data-dive enables us to formulate a crystal-clear image of your brand's true personality. We'll share our expert recommendations with you, accompanied by user-friendly presentations of our analytical findings. This information will help you understand why our team suggests certain changes and illuminates opportunities that can be fixed with specific tweaks.

Remember, your brand is everything when you're a business. Positioning yourself properly means presenting cohesive messaging anywhere your audience might find you, including your:

  • Website
  • Logo
  • Printed marketing collateral
  • Email blasts
  • Social media presence
  • Content marketing

The image you relay to your external customers starts from within. ZGM can help you hone in on your core values and create a mission statement that speaks to your organization's purpose and goals, providing a foundation upon which your corporate culture can build a successful future.

It may sound like all the hard work is done, but that was just the initial research phase. Once we've armed ourselves with all the research we need, we'll develop a plan that optimizes your pay-per-click, SEO, and social media strategies. Depending on the opportunities we identify during our research phase, we may suggest other changes, as well.

Using insight we've gained throughout the process, we'll deliver a content calendar that's aligned with your customers' journeys, including visual content such as infographics, video, and animations.

Zero Gravity Marketing isn't just another marketing firm. We're the marketing firm. Thanks to our diligent research and dedicated team, you can expect a campaign that's tailored to you.

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