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There's a difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and local SEO. In the former, you're trying to attract a huge audience of people so you can rank high on the search engine results pages (SERP). In the latter, you're trying to attract a smaller, more targeted group of people who live and work in the areas you physically service. Depending on the marketing strategy you’re going for, the cost of local SEO can range quite variably. But, here at Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM), we believe in offering a full suite of local SEO services to fit your needs. You can choose a few or all of the geo-focused options we offer, but we promise each element will bring you closer to optimal localized SEO.

Expert Local SEO Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

What is Local SEO?

Before you can begin your local online marketing strategy, you need to understand what a local SEO strategy is. In short, local SEO solutions are a way you can market your brand to the surrounding community in a hyper-focused way. Its job is to promote your products and services to people in your local area, so you attract their attention at the exact time they're looking for the things you offer online.

How Can Local SEO Benefit My Business?

If you operate a physical brick-and-mortar business, the internet needs to be an imperative part of your overall marketing strategy. Local search engine optimization plays a critical role in generating customers and conversions. Google has ranking factors that are specific to local businesses, which it uses to measure whether or not a business is geographically relevant to the people who are searching. Once you improve your local SEO efforts, you'll likely notice an uptick in qualified leads and customers coming through your door.

Why is Google My Business Important?

When it comes to Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business), there’s more than meets the eye. Yes, a Google Business Profile enables people to find you more easily when they're searching for the products and local services, but there are other offerings that you may not have thought about. At ZGM, we can assist you in posting vital information to help the search engine send people your way, and we handle the day-to-day management of your account. Because we have direct access to a Google rep, we receive the most up to date information, can pivot your businesses marketing strategy quickly, and capitalize on opportunities like temporary policy changes. As a small business, this is especially important, so it’s best to have an agency in your corner to relay this news to you, right when it happens. With an expert providing digital marketing services like us on your side, we can update and include information such as your:

  • Hours of operation
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Directions
  • Blog Articles
  • Promotions
  • Photos
  • And More

All of these pieces are considered SEO tools; the more information you provide, the more likely you are to attract the attention of the search engines (and the people who are using them). This free service is an ideal way for you to engage with customers and connect with people across Google Search and Maps.

What is Included in Local SEO Services?

At ZGM, we're a local SEO company in Connecticut that cares about our clients. Not only do we offer SEO tips to help your brand bolster its awareness throughout the process, but we also provide local SEO solutions you might not have even thought about. As a full-service local SEO agency, ZGM is here to provide you with all the tools you need to get more eyes on your business. Here's a look at some of the elements we'll help you with.

Content Creation & Optimization

The search engines need to see constant, fresh, relevant, and valuable content, but that's hard to do when you're already wearing a hundred hats as a local business owner. We'll help you create the content you need and optimize it, so it grabs the attention of the search engines.

Geo-Focused Tagging

Meta tags, headers, and image alt tags carry important information that can drive traffic your way. If you don't know what these things are, don't worry! That's why we're your SEO local experts!

Location Pages

There are many types of SEO, but if you want to attract a local audience, you absolutely must have location pages that talk about the states, cities, and towns in which you do business. Each mention of locations helps the search engines identify where you do business so they can know if you're a good fit for people who are searching for local organizations.

Google Maps on Your Website

Adding a Google Map to your website is a great way to show people exactly where you are and how to get to your location.

Local-Focused Content

We'll help you develop blogs, web pages, landing pages, and other content that talks about things that are most important to the people you're trying to attract. Local-focused content is imperative when you're trying to relate to your audience.

Internal Linking & Link Building

Links are super important for today's SEO strategies. We'll help you build links that make sense and provide valuable information to your consumers.

Citation Creation & Management

In your local SEO checklist, it's important to make sure you're addressing citation creation and management. A local citation occurs anytime you talk about a name, address, or phone number of a local business. You can list these items on local business directories, websites, apps, and social platforms. These citations must be managed regularly to ensure accuracy.

Data Aggregators

Sites like Yelp, Apple Maps, and Bing Places are key sites that people use to search for local businesses. We'll manage the process of ensuring they're accurate.

Industry & Local Directories

It's not all about Google; there are probably a fair number of directories your business could be listed in that would attract qualified leads. We'll dig in and find the places where your name should be featured so you get as much exposure as possible. This might include:

  • Guest-posting
  • Chamber of commerce profiles
  • Local websites
  • Local sponsorships and partnerships

Keyword Research in Your Market and Service Areas

What are your competitors doing that's getting them business? It's important to make sure you always know what keywords are getting hits so you can attract the attention that might otherwise go to your competitors. We'll do the keyword research and help you create content that invites these essential words and phrases into your brand's overall marketing mission. We'll do a competitor analysis to see what's driving traffic to similar businesses, then we'll devise strategies to incorporate the necessary elements into your own content.

Online Reputation Management

Know who's talking about you, what they're saying, and how to respond immediately. Reputation management is vital in today's world. It's just as important to thank someone for their kind words as it is to address issues. Unaddressed online complaints can easily be seen by others as a sign that you don't care about your customers.

Website Optimization (UX and UI)

In order for people to trust your brand and be compelled to learn more about you, you need to have a website that's designed with an optimal experience and interface in mind. That's where ZGM comes in. Our pros will evaluate your existing website and revamp it to make it more user-friendly, or we'll create a brand new one from scratch. We'll also ensure your site's mobile-friendly, which is an important element in today's on-the-go world.

Monthly (or More Frequent) Reporting

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we believe in transparency. That's why we're here to deliver monthly reports to you so you can see your progress. We'll show you how your campaigns are doing, talk about the successes, and explore the opportunities. We're in this with you!

Frequently Asked Local SEO Questions

For businesses with multiple locations, getting your website to rank in all the areas you want search visibility in can be tough; especially for businesses with locations in different states. Ranking well in multiple states or cities requires a strong SEO strategy including quality website content as well as careful citation and business listing management.

Yes, but it’s best to use a digital marketing company to manage them because they can take care of details like getting it set up, monitoring analytics, and more. It’s not enough to just set it and forget it. These types of programs need to be checked and tweaked as needed.

According to WebFX, Google boasts over 91% of all search engine market share. Though people do still search on other search engines, like Yahoo and Bing, the main search engine any business should focus their efforts on is Google. Zero Gravity Marketing can help you determine the best SEO strategy to make sure your business is visible on all search engines.

Reviews are often a direct influence on customer decisions and the credibility of a company. Having good reviews across multiple platforms is invaluable for any business. What platform to focus your efforts when collecting reviews depends on the target audience you are trying to reach. To determine what platform your ideal customer is using the most, its best to work with a local SEO company with experience in your area of business.

To further enhance your local SEO campaign and strategy, look no further than the digital marketing agency specializing in all local SEO efforts. Contact ZGM today for all your digital marketing services.

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