Staying on top of marketing is essential to gaining new leads, boosting brand awareness, and improving the success of an organization overall. Oftentimes, the lines between sales and marketing are disconnected, and potential customers are lost. Effective CRM strategy and marketing automation software helps businesses and sales professionals make the most of every lead, nurturing each through the sales funnel to increase conversions, automatically. As part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, marketing automation streamlines the message, which ultimately leads to conversions and loyalty. Additionally, by implementing a sound marketing automation strategy, organizations can plan and schedule their marketing tasks in advance, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

If you are relying on excel spreadsheets or outdated CRM software to keep track of your leads, you may be wasting resources. With an effective marketing automation strategy, your leads automatically hear the targeted message at an ideal moment to help them convert. There are many benefits to marketing automation, including:

  • Giving each audience (or individual) a personalized experience
  • Prequalifying leads so you spend time on the most likely prospects
  • Allowing you to easily collect leads and follow up with them
  • Implementing effective cross-selling and up-selling to increase the average amount spent per customer
  • Retaining your current clients by keeping them in the know

Our Marketing Automation Services

A successful digital marketing campaign requires consistent communication with prospects that helps to lead them through the sales funnel. With our CRM tools and marketing automation techniques, we can make the process of nurturing leads simpler and more effective than ever. Our comprehensive marketing automation services include:

  • Reviewing your current CRM technology and any existing marketing automation tools
  • Determining what CRM is being used (Hubspot, Salesforce Pardot, Act, Marketo, etc.) and how you are using it
  • Looking at who is using the CRM
  • Reviewing the cleanliness of the data
  • Assessing your marketing automation needs and goals
  • Outlining a clear CRM strategy, which might include incorporating marketing automation, creating audience personas, developing communication journey mapping for each persona, and cleansing data
  • Defining the new process following our ETL method (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Retraining the sales team on the proper CRM utilization

Why Choose ZGM for Your CRM Strategy and Marketing Automation Needs

With marketing automation, you need a partner who is well versed in all CRM options and can properly recommend the best one for your specific industry and goals. At Zero Gravity Marketing, we are experienced with CRM and marketing automation platforms, and the pros and cons of each. After a thorough evaluation of your company, we will recommend the ideal marketing automation solution that will complement your other digital marketing efforts and help you reach your goals faster.

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