Project Overview

Sager Healthy Homes, a Connecticut-based mold remediation company, revolutionizes the industry with its natural, safe, and cost-effective mold removal solutions. Founded in 2013 by Ron Sager, the company aims to provide healthier living environments by avoiding harsh chemicals typically used in mold removal. Zero Gravity Marketing partnered with Sager Healthy Homes from its inception, supporting its branding, website development, and digital marketing efforts to establish a strong online presence and drive customer acquisition.


The Challenge

When Ron Sager launched Sager Healthy Homes, he faced the daunting task of competing against well-established companies in the mold remediation market. These competitors not only had significantly larger websites and digital footprints, but also substantially greater marketing budgets. Understanding the necessity of a cost-effective yet potent marketing strategy, Ron turned to ZGM, trusted for its prior success in the industry. The main challenge was to create high visibility for Sager’s unique, natural mold removal solutions and to quickly generate leads in a competitive market. The objective was to grow the user base and increase brand visibility, awareness, recognition, safety, and authority while simultaneously generating high-quality leads in the mold remediation and home air quality vertical.


To address the challenges faced by Sager Healthy Homes, ZGM crafted a strategic marketing approach focused primarily on PPC campaigns. This strategy aimed to elevate awareness of Sager’s natural mold removal methods and distinguish the company from competitors using harsher chemicals for remediation techniques. Through meticulously targeted ads, ZGM succeeded in increasing local awareness about Sager Healthy Homes as a preferable choice for safe and effective mold remediation. By leveraging custom intent audience targeting, ZGM specifically went after users actively researching competitor sites and related terms, effectively stealing some of the competitors' "lunch" or customers. The campaigns not only highlighted the natural solutions offered but also emphasized their efficacy, affordability, and health benefits, aligning perfectly with the needs and preferences of families looking for safer home environments.


As the campaigns rolled out, the impact was significant and swift. The tailored PPC efforts led to an impressive surge in website traffic, inquiries, customer engagement, and most importantly conversions from form fills and phone calls. Sager Healthy Homes saw its digital footprint expand dramatically, with measurable increases in both site visits and conversion rates. The focus on cost-effective strategies ensured that the increased visibility also translated into higher conversion rates without corresponding increases in advertising spend. Furthermore, the strategic emphasis on health and safety resonated well with the target audience, enhancing brand reputation and customer trust.

Results (6-Months Mark)


 Increased to 5,833, marking a growth of +156.40% period-over-period (PoP) and +36.86% year-over-year (YOY).


Reached 102,393, with a +71.32% increase PoP, though a decrease of -52.37% YOY, indicating more targeted reach.

Account CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Improved to 5.70%, up by +49.66% PoP and +187.34% YOY.

Search CTR:

Rose to 6.21%, a +43.19% increase PoP and +54.15% YOY.

Average CPC (Cost Per Click)

Decreased significantly to $3.55, down -66.71% PoP and -36.16% YOY.

Total Spend:

Managed to decrease to $20,718, reducing by -14.66% PoP and -12.63% YOY, reflecting cost-effective ad management.

Sitewide Users

Increased to 6,010, up +98.28% PoP and +31.83% YOY.

Total Conversions (Calls + Forms)

 Grew to 706, a +141.78% increase PoP and +16.93% YOY.

Total Phone Calls

486, showing an increase of +82.70% PoP and +27.56% YOY.

Total Form Submits

Rose dramatically to 220, up +746.15% PoP, though slightly down -3.50% YOY.

Average Cost/Conversion

Reduced to $29.34, down -64.71% PoP and -24.65% YOY.

ZGM Awards & Recognition

StackAdapt programmatic certified
Inc5000 2021 logo
MOZ recommended company 2023
Top Work Places 2021
Google partner
CDAC Award