An eCommerce website enables customers to purchase products online through a secure payment method. It's specifically designed so you can update products and information through an administration panel without needing the assistance of software gurus every time something in your inventory changes.

With an eCommerce site, you can easily and securely:

  • Give customers the power of shopping carts
  • Create wishlist options
  • Allow customers to create their own accounts with safe sign-in practices
  • Process credit card payments

Zero Gravity Marketing's eCommerce software also keeps track of all your customers' information and purchases.

eCommerce sites come in all shapes and sizes. Some businesses have only a small need for simple, sellable products online. Others require a more robust feature set that allows for dynamic shipping calculations, configurable products, or inventory management integrations. In recent years, our team has also worked with an increasing number of clients who sell digital goods and services as well, such as eBooks and photos.

Who Needs eCommerce Sites?

In today's market, eCommerce is popping up in nearly every industry and for businesses both small and large. Here's a look at some of the types of clients our ZGM team services:

Stores that Sell Physical Products

These are the original online retailers. Stores that sell physical goods post their catalogs online and enable their customers to browse the inventory and add items to their shopping carts. Once shoppers are finished with their orders and complete payment, the store ships the goods to the customers' addresses. In recent years, we've seen an uptick of in-store pick-up options that use eCommerce, too.

Stores that sell physical goods deliver anything that's tangible, from dog food to curtain rods, clothing, and everything in between.

E-tailers that Sell Services

Tangible goods aren't the only thing going well in the eCommerce world. Service-based e-tailers have found a way to encourage learning, niche talents, and consulting services by way of the internet.

Service providers' needs vary greatly. Freelancers may require a retainer payment upfront, while consultants or mental health professionals might offer pay-as-you-go options. There is no right or wrong answer, nor is there a standard template e-tailers should use.

If you're in the business of selling services, you want to be sure you have a platform that offers your customers security while enabling you to tout the amazing things you do with ease. eCommerce sites offer the perfect setup for growing your business.

Companies that Sell Digital Products

Naturally, e-goods have their spot in a marketplace that's already built around digital interactions. Companies that sell digital products deliver items such as online courses and graphics, which aren't necessarily tangible but still offer plenty of value to their consumers.

With our experience in the eCommerce space, we have the skill set and knowledge to build the best possible solution for your eCommerce needs. Our ZGM team is happy to help whenever you're ready to reach out to us!