Now that you’re reading this, you’ve already subconsciously analyzed your experience on this page. Was it positive or negative? Was the page easy to access? Did you spend ample time searching for this page throughout the site? These questions can be answered by analyzing your website or page's user experience (UX) or journey. And, if you ask the professionals, they’ll tell you a site only has approximately 8 seconds to grab the user’s attention.

That initial impression of a page will likely determine if you, the user, will continue on the site, make a purchase, or follow the call-to-action (CTA). A UX designer can boost the chances of conversion by improving the user experience, and a strong UX will ensure your business’s vision, users’ needs, and technical capabilities align.

What Is UX Strategy?

UX encompasses all of a user’s interactions with a brand and its products or services. The strategy behind UX is a long-term plan that should account for customers' touchpoints and the buyer’s journey. People perceive and interact with brands all over the internet thousands of times daily. In order to get these consumers to convert, businesses must offer top-quality user experiences.

A successful UX strategy is entirely holistic and engages consumers in each stage of the marketing funnel, from first impression to conversion and repurchase. It should be understanding of your consumers’ wants and needs and offer a positive, memorable interaction with your brand.

Here’s what you need to create a superior UX strategy:

  • Qualitative and quantitative understanding of your current site.
  • A detailed vision of the user experience you want to create.
  • Extensive information about your target market.
  • A roadmap of priorities that guide you from your current user experience model to the new UX experience.
  • A set of metrics to help you regularly measure progress and opportunities.
  • A plan for developing the capabilities and culture within your organization to carry out your ideal UX strategy

Why Do You Need a UX Strategy?

At Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM), all of our digital marketing services are managed with our client's success in mind, and UX strategy development is no different. There are a few reasons you need to have UX strategy experts executing the vision you have for your brand:

  • Consumer behaviors and expectations change rapidly. Technological advancements and society’s evolution have altered how consumers interact with brands. In this ever-changing environment of algorithms, trends, and devices, consumers are creating their own experiences. Gone are the days when consumers would adjust to fit the brand’s mold; the roles have reversed. If you want to succeed, you need experts who understand and predict user behavior.
  • Your customers experience many touchpoints through the buyer’s journey. Did you know that it takes over 15 customer touchpoints to get a brand to the front of a consumer’s mind? One wrong move and you could potentially lose them before they knew your brand existed. A UX strategy puts plans in place to ensure the consumer has a positive and valuable journey as they pass through your brand’s marketing funnel.
  • A strong UX strategy leads to customer success. Your brand, mission, and even website will never please everyone. However, with a team of UX experts at your disposal, you can make those things attractive to the right audience. A UX strategy can create the optimal digital experience for your target market.

The ZGM Approach

When you're equipped with our team of UX pros, you'll soon understand who your customers are, how they think, and what behaviors they display when interacting with your company website. Learn more about our digital marketing services.

Business Vision

In order to carry out a successful UX strategy, you need to know your competitive advantage. What sets your organization apart from others in the industry? As we explore your business vision, we'll review your objectives, goals, and revenue streams. Our team will help you identify answers to these questions to develop a strategy unique to your brand:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is the biggest pain point of your site (from your perspective and a customer’s)?
  • What is one thing you think would make your site more user-friendly?
  • What are your main business objectives when a user enters your site?
  • How are you measuring your site’s success?
  • What is your unique value proposition (UVP)?
  • Can your customers easily find the information they’re looking for?
  • What is one thing you would like to change on your site?
  • Walk us through the current customer acquisition process or journey.
  • Do you currently have interactive tools on your site?
  • Do you currently have live landing pages that are experiencing traffic?

User & Competitor Research

ZGM makes an effort to understand your organization, your competition, and the industry. We research who else is vying for your customer's attention, and we use qualitative and quantitative information in our decision-making process. After all, the best way to beat the competition is to know them inside and out.

Our UX experts will find out who your competitors' target users are, which devices they're using, and how we can solve their pain points. We conduct extensive research into how your target market acts and why they are or are not using your products or services.

By compiling qualitative and quantitative data on your industry, we can create a unique value proposition for your organization, product, or service.

User Experience (UX) Frequently Asked Questions

The best thing you can do for yourself is to hire an agency with a dedicated UX design team that knows how to evaluate your current user experience, outline your vision’s design, deploy your new strategy, and test and evaluate the results.

At ZGM, our UX strategists provide valuable input and suggestions to our clients, ensuring their customers' experiences with their brands are optimal at all times.

The design of your UX strategy should always concentrate on the end user’s experience. Your site should be easy to use and up-to-date with tools that give your customers a smooth encounter with your brand.

User interface combines all the elements that allow a user to interact with and experience your brand, product, or service. The user experience is what the consumer goes through when interacting with the brand, product, or service.

Yes! Here are the steps we take to conduct audits:

  1. Understand your business objectives and goals.
  2. Recognize your business’s target audience.
  3. Understand your target audience’s pain points and objectives.
  4. Review data and analytics of the industry, your competition, and your past performance.
  5. Complete a Heuristic Evaluation to judge the user experience.
  6. Present the findings and make recommendations.

Improve Your UX Strategy with ZGM

Your success powers Zero Gravity Marketing. Our collaborative UX process can be implemented in any business. We elevate our clients' user experiences through years of industry expertise, a data-driven approach, and a belief in transparency.

Learn how ZGM can improve your UX strategy today!

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