Marketing Funnel Tips

ZGM offers a full-service suite of Pay-per-click (PPC) management services, created with your ideal audience in mind. First, our experts tailor our Pay-Per-Click strategies around customer’s needs. This then allows our team to construct unique consumer messaging based on which stage of the buyer’s journey they are in. The overall strategy helps brands visualize the different phases consumers go through when deciding to make a purchase.

There are four stages to full-funnel marketing: awareness, consideration, decision, and retention. The consumer begins with researching potential solutions that could fix their current problem, and then moves into comparing different products to find the one that best suits them. As they continue through the buyer’s journey, they eventually decide they are ready to say yes to a product or service and once they do, they continue to seek helpful information to receive the most out of it. Because the marketing funnel is a full-circle approach, advertising shouldn’t stop after the first conversion. It’s important to continue to market to your customer base with upsell and cross-sell content, as well as with any other content that will benefit them and continue to position you as the subject-matter expert.

4 Stages to Full-funnel Marketing

We use a data driven method which means we make strategic decisions based on data analysis. Our PPC management team believes the numbers don’t lie — that is why we analyze multiple data resources to provide the best possible insight and recommendations. By using programs like Google Analytics 4 to track ad performance and Google Lookerstudio to blend all of it together, we can ensure we are backed by strong, accurate data. Based upon our analysis, we share our insights with our clients and quickly pivot to improve the results; there is always room for improvement.

Pay-Per-Click is all about making yourself visible to potential leads by capturing users' attention when they're actively searching for products and services online. The goal is to drive optimal traffic toward your organization, while simultaneously deferring potential customers' attention away from your competitors.

Search ads can be found at the top and bottom of a search engine results page (SERP) on both Google and Bing. By utilizing both of these, we can help maximize returns, offer tons of accessible data, and have the ability to reach most users. Our content marketing team helps improve Click-Through Rates (CTR) by crafting engaging and highly relevant ad headlines and descriptions.

Display ads, also known as banner ads, are advertisements that show up on specific areas of a website meant to advertise companies' products and services. At Zero Gravity Marketing, we use the valuable real estate at the top of sites, within blog content, and along the sides of certain pages to create brand awareness. Display ads are great if you’re looking to improve brand awareness and bring new visitors to your site.

Often times when utilizing display ads, we know we're capturing the interest of users who are already reading content related to your areas of expertise. They may have searched for the items you offer, and with a little proper placement, their interests will be piqued further. Targeting capabilities within display campaigns include:

  1. Interest.
  2. Selecting specific placements such as sites to advertise upon.
  3. Demographic.
  4. A specific list of people by uploading their contact info or providing customer IDs through partners like LiveRamp.

We are constantly working to achieve quality results in an efficient and effective way. To take it a step further, we also incorporate Programmatic Advertising into our strategy. This method involves the buying ads outside of Google via Programmatic Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and other such soution providors. These platforms help to identify online consumers, and use real-time data to identify the best target audience for your brand.

In the world of marketing, once is never enough. Our remarketing campaigns capture users who have visited your website but didn't convert into customers and look for other channels of distribution that might entice your audience to pay attention. For example, we might place your banners on sites such as CNN, Fox News, and ESPN to promote engagement when people aren't necessarily thinking about your brand. This serves as an unexpected reminder that will improve your credibility and jog their memories into taking action.

Remarketing leads people back to your site to capture those that didn’t convert into customers the first time around and can be used in multiple ways. For example, brand awareness remarketing is to get users to return to your site. Product remarketing is to get those who visit your site to come back and make a purchase.

When users are specifically searching for the products and services you offer, product listing advertising, also known as shopping ads, enables us to showcase images of your items, along with their prices, for easy comparison.

We use shopping ads, which include key product information such as product image, price, and merchant name. These digital advertisements help to typically show products above the search results. Implementing big, bold, image-based ads on shopping pages are key for any eCommerce business to stand out from competition, grab attention, and obtain higher conversion rates.

Video advertising is perfect for companies that want to attract today's viewing audience. Our paid media team will identify people who are viewing content related to your company's offerings. We'll utilize video advertising as a brand awareness tactic, filling your sales funnel with prospective buyers who are already honed into your industry.

Not only is video advertising a fantastic form of digital marketing, but it is extremely cost-effective.

Pay-Per-Click Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is an online advertising model where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. This includes search, display, social, and more. Pay-Per-Click is the main form of digital advertising.

As with most Pay-Per-Click advertising channels, you essentially bid on a keyword or audience. The platform, whether it be Google, Facebook, or any other, will determine whose ad is best based on both the bid and quality of the ad.

PPC advertising is optimized to find you the best customer at the best time. This will help ensure that your campaigns are converting. For example, if the platform shows you an ad and you do not click, then they are less likely to show you the ad again. Google looks at your search history and if you search for your brand name or keywords often, they will stop showing you ads for those terms completely.

When bidding on any PPC advertising, there are two main models for how you are charged. You only pay for CPC when someone clicks on your ad. CPM is when you pay for 1,000 total impressions.

Why Zero Gravity Marketing

In a phrase — we're good at what we do. We've been actively managing PPC campaigns since 2004. All of our team members are Google Ads certified, and we're a proud Premier Google Partner. Our approach is never cookie-cutter. We employ versatile internet marketing strategies that allow us to pivot to new approaches and stay on the cutting edge of digital advertising.

Zero Gravity Marketing is about results. We improve branding, cause an uptick in traffic, and create conversions. The people at the bottom of your sales funnel need to know where to go when they reach the end of their journey; our job is to bring your leads home.

To get started with PPC marketing, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.

"To us, excellent communication amongst the PPC team members, a healthy understanding of a work-life balance, and strong, responsive management from the top-level down is the reason why ZGM is so successful. The Pay-Per-Click team is hungry for results, and if advertisement performance isn’t where it needs to be, we are quick to pivot strategy and maximize success across all platforms. Our strong work ethic, professional background on how to run successful ads, combined with a well-respected environment that feels like family, has led to the company we are today." - Kyra Klopp, Director Paid Media

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