Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM) is a full-service digital marketing and short-form video production agency. With social media becoming increasingly important for brand awareness and engagement, businesses should consider investing in a creative form of content creation. Make your feed more exciting by presenting it in unique ways. When you work with us, you get individuals who specialize in extensive research, producing, and editing Reels content.

What Are Reels and Short-Form Videos?

Reels and short-form videos are the fastest-growing types of content across social media platforms, as seen on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. They allow people to express creativity to humanize their brands. Short-form videos are used on social media to participate in trends and collaborate with other users. With creative tools like AR effects, music, and text overlays, businesses can create short-form videos just like professional content creators.

Why You Need a Reels Marketing Agency

Reels are great for connecting with your audience to show a more personal side of your brand. However, it becomes more difficult to attract people's attention to your account when there are so many other accounts popping up daily, vying for engagement. Working with a full-service digital marketing agency that can carry through every step of the Reels process can help:

  • Grow Your Business. ZGM has a team dedicated to trends, creation, production, and scheduling of Reels. Plus, short-form videos integrate seamlessly with other digital marketing efforts.
  • Build Brand Awareness. Videos, such as Reels and TikToks, are more likely to be seen by someone who doesn’t follow you than an image, video, or carousel post.
  • Reach and Engage Your Audience. Users spend an average of two hours per day on Instagram and TikTok combined. This type of content is the best way to gain organic brand awareness on social media.

If you want to start creating Reels or short-form videos for your social channels, work with a reputable digital marketing agency like ZGM.

The ZGM Approach

ZGM’s social content creation process begins by identifying the video concept and main idea (about 30 days before the upload date).

The Social Content Creation team will determine how to match the concept to a current trend and get assets for the video. Assets will be either shot or obtained by ZGM, provided by clients, or purchased from our Billo content creators.

ZGM will produce and edit the video until it is ready for approval. The client will get one round of edits to give to the ZGM team. Following edits – if necessary – the video will be scheduled for optimal upload times, and our team will monitor performance.

Monthly content creation will be done to drive organic social traffic and engagement. Our process consists of creating a set number of videos per month for social media upload, taking time each month to survey the social media landscape and industry, and putting together a monthly reporting call.

Our Clients’ Success With Reels

ZGM has had great success with clients choosing Reels services, as they allow companies to share creative marketing videos quickly and easily with their audience. Companies such as Nutmeg State Nutrition and Nardelli’s are some of the many clients who take advantage of the reach provided by these short-form videos.

Here are some notable results we’d like to share from our client, Nardelli’s success with Reels:

  • Three viral videos (10k+ views).
  • 12.3% increase in engagement rate (per impression) since using Reels.
  • 75.9% increase in engagements per post since starting Reels.
  • 28.9% increase in impressions per post since starting Reels.
  • 17.6% increase in followers since starting Reels.

Instagram Reels Frequently Asked Questions

Promoting your reel can be as simple as sharing it on your Instagram feed, story, and other social media platforms. However, to maximize engagement and reach, consider using relevant hashtags, collaborating with influencers, and engaging with your audience by responding to comments and encouraging them to share your Reel. Promoting your Reel can be a powerful way to expand your brand’s reach and increase engagement with your audience. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your marketing promotion strategy. Try reaching out to influencers or running a paid advertising campaign to maximize your reach.

Reels are a fun and creative feature on Instagram that allows businesses to showcase their products, services, and brand in a visually appealing way. They are a unique tactic to connect with your audience and showcase your brand’s personality. Reels empower businesses to get creative and experiment with new formats and styles, from educational content to behind-the-scenes footage of your brand. With the ability to create 15-second multi-clip videos with custom audio, effects, and tools like filters, Reels can be used to tell a story, entertain, and educate your audience.

Yes, Instagram Reels can be promoted through Instagram’s promotion feature. This feature allows you to reach a wider audience and increase engagement on your Reel, effectively building brand awareness and growing your following. When creating an ad for Instagram Reels, you can target specific users and add links to direct viewers to your website or other social media profiles. This gives you a targeted way to reach new followers and increase brand visibility while saving marketing dollars on market segments that are not interested in your content. Additionally, tagging influencers or partnering with them to create Reels can boost visibility and engagement on your posts. With the right strategy and creative ideas, Instagram Reels can transform what was once an ordinary post into a powerful marketing tool.

Instagram Reels can be up to 90 seconds long, but each clip within the reel can only be up to 15 seconds long. This means you must be creative and concise in your storytelling, which can be a great way to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Remember that you can also use the Instagram Reels editor to trim down any clips that are too long and combine several clips into one Reel. With the right planning and creativity, you can create a captivating story in 90 seconds or less.

If your target audience is active on Instagram, using Reels can significantly increase engagement, reach, and brand awareness. Reels are particularly effective for businesses in fashion, beauty, food, and travel businesses, where visuals play a crucial role in marketing. Reels can also be used to showcase products, services, and creative ideas in a visual format your audience will appreciate. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, Reels are a great way to showcase your brand’s unique personality and tell your story.

An Instagram Reels agency can help your business create high-quality Reels that align with your brand’s aesthetic and marketing goals. They can provide valuable insights into which types of Reels perform best with your target audience, help you develop a strategy for maximizing engagement and reach, and even collaborate with influencers to expand your reach. Ultimately, an Instagram Reels agency can help your business stand out and create a strong and memorable brand presence.

Create a Reels Marketing Strategy with ZGM

Are you ready to get started on your short-form video content creation? Zero Gravity Marketing can create high-quality Reels to increase engagement with your brand. Reach out to us today!

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