An effective website design is a key component of our comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your company. Using in-depth analytics and intense research, we will design a website that targets your company’s goals, while always keeping user experience at the forefront of every page.

Our Approach to Website Design

Our strategy for website design is anything but simple. We approach the process meticulously, doing our due diligence every step of the way to ensure that the end product aptly represents your brand and earns you high rankings on the SERPs. Our exact design process will vary depending on your goals, but in general, our website design process entails:

  • Defining the Strategy– Before we do anything, we make sure that you and our team are on the same page.
  • Research & Planning– We do in-depth research on your brand, your product/service, your existing website’s analytics, and your customer to make sure we are properly targeting the correct audience. In this step, we will work with you to determine your ideal page architecture and site navigation to arrive at a final sitemap for the website.
  • Outlining Wireframes– Next, you will receive detailed wireframe layouts that will put onto paper the picture we have in mind for your website design. Copy blocks and picture locations will be designated, and you will start to see your new website coming to life.
  • Creative Design– Most clients find this to be the most exciting phase of the website design project but all the initial steps are what’s necessary to make this phase a success!  Colors, content, and images will all come together to bring your brand to life digitally.
  • Developing the Site – Now is when we will get to work inputting all of the copy, images, links, and more, to make your website a full-fledged, functioning masterpiece. We employ several techniques to make sure we are on the right track, including feedback from real users using a design-centric platform and A/B testing via crowd source platforms.

Your website is the window to your brand. As part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, it will help your company reach new heights. To learn more about our unique approach to website design and how our talented team can transform your online presence, contact us now.

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