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Robert Rae

Web Developer
Robert Rae

Robert Rae is a web developer at Zero Gravity with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and six years experience in web development. It is his position that a memorable web experiences involves several media at once, and requires of its creators a combination of design skills such as layout and typography as well as the required coding skills to bring an idea to life. Having these allows one to write code from scratch that is succinct yet functional, and adds in valuable user experience to a site than can set it above others. It behooves the developer to build their skillset to accommodate this variety, and that has been the driving force in drawing Robert into this field.

Over the past several years he has honed skills building web applications in CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento as well as frameworks made with either PHP, JavaScript or both such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony and AngularJS. Having a design background has helped inform his development practices (especially grid systems and CSS) as well as aided in integrating with design teams and helped increase the efficiency of collaborative efforts between design and development creatives.

In addition to development, Robert continues to expand his visual arts repertoire in a variety of areas, from digital illustration and animation to screen printing to photorealist painting. He has had the opportunity to show his artwork several times over the past few years and looks forward to doing so again.