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The Dynamic Email Revolution – Gmail’s New System is Here

The Dynamic Email Revolution - Gmail's New System is Here
03 Jul 2019

Change is afoot for Gmail – the beloved email service is once again about to transform how businesses and consumers interact online. This time, it’s all about dynamic email, which brings new functionality to a process that has otherwise largely remained stagnant these last few decades. Gmail’s transformation was recently released on July 2nd, and ready or not, the way we send and receive messages is about to change. This adjustment might be tricky at first, but it only stands to benefit consumers and the businesses that market to them in the long run. 

What Is Dynamic Email? How Does it Work? 

As its name indicates, dynamic email provides a multi-faceted experience, in which messages go far beyond the emails that defined the first few decades of internet interaction. These emails allow senders and recipients to complete a variety of tasks directly within the email, rather than following a link elsewhere. Activities that can now occur directly within email messages include:  

  • Browsing Images 
  • RSVPing for Events 
  • Writing or Reading Comments 
  • Completing Surveys 

A variety of companies were approved for dynamic email prior to the release dateNow, the new system is ‘generally available’ and will begin launching by default. At this point, users can easily access dynamic features unless they purposefully deactivate the system via the Google Admin console. 

How Dynamic Email Will Impact Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing campaigns seek to provide a seamless experience in which consumers who observe marketing messages can easily take action. Each extra click provides yet another opportunity for customers to jump ship. By remaining within a single platform, dynamic email reduces distractions and dramatically increases the potential for conversions. For example, consumers who receive email messages about available hotel rooms can book instantly from these emails; in the past, this process would have been made more cumbersome by extra tabs or windows. Pleased by the newfound ease of booking rooms, changing reservations, or making other purchases, these consumers are more likely to convert, and to emerge feeling satisfied with their experience. 

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