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Enterprise Digital Marketing Strategies Won’t Work for Small Business

enterprise digital marketing strategies won't work for small business
04 Jun 2015

Where do you get your digital marketing strategy inspiration? Using other companies as your muse may be a smart way to go, as long as you aren’t looking at businesses much bigger than yours. Enterprise-level digital marketing strategies may have the same end goal—to make sales—but besides that, there are few similarities.

Think about it: Do you have the same budget as a big business? Do you have a large staff with an entire team in charge of the digital marketing strategy?

Different Approach

Enterprises can afford (and can greatly benefit from) investing in digital marketing campaigns with the single goal of increasing brand recognition. They are less concerned about these ads translating into immediate sales.

However, if you put out a digital marketing campaign with nothing more than brand recognition as the goal, Inc. believes this could destroy your business. First of all, you aren’t a household name (yet, anyway), so most of your efforts will be wasted. And secondly, you need sales to recoup the marketing costs ASAP. While brand recognition is still important, your digital marketing strategy should also include a strong call to action.

Small Business: Limited Budget

While enterprise digital marketing strategies can afford a large trial and error process, you probably can’t. If you spend $$ on a digital marketing campaign, only for it to fail, you will definitely feel it. On the contrary, if Apple or Coca-Cola spent the same amount with no success, they can rebound.

This means that you need to spend a lot more time on the research stage of marketing. You need to understand your target market’s wants, needs, and reasons for buying by developing a detailed buyer persona before you drop one penny on your digital marketing—because you need to make every one count.

Big Business: Huge Staff

Consider the number of people involved in enterprise digital marketing strategies. There is probably a VP in charge of the task, and under him are several professionals, each with one very targeted job (i.e. social media, print advertising, consumer research, etc.).

Now have a look around your office. Who does your digital marketing staff consist of? It’s smart to develop a digital marketing strategy that will get you results without too much of a time commitment on your end.

Simply put, you can’t afford to just follow Enterprise digital marketing strategies. Your company is unique, and your digital marketing strategy should be, too. Luckily for you, marketing strategies (of all sizes) are our specialty. We will evaluate your business and your needs to come up with a customized digital marketing strategy that will get you the strongest ROI. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing to grow your small business into something really big.