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The Feel-Good Approach: How Brands are Using ASMR in their Marketing Strategy

How Brands are Using ASMR in their Marketing Strategy
16 Apr 2019

ASMR has started to make a big name for itself in the social media sphere. But what does ASMR mean exactly? 

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR describes the feeling of relaxation that is felt after listening to certain “trigger” sounds. For many people, ASMR noises also create a distinct tingling sensation on the skin. ASMR triggers include the crackling of a fireplace, rustling paper, soft whispering, and more. 

ASMR has gained massive popularity in the past year. There are even entire ASMR social media accounts dedicated to it! Brands are tapping into this trend too, finding unique ways to incorporate it into their marketing strategy.  

Why Are People Engaging with ASMR? 

People like to feel connected to the brands they love, but that’s not always easy with today’s digital media. Sure, you can interact with a company on social media – and maybe even get a response back – but you’re not actually feeling the product. And we really mean feeling. ASMR takes marketing to the next level by using sounds that’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.  

People engage with ASMR because it makes them feel physically connected to brands Theyliterallyfeel the sensations the brand is portraying. It’s not easy to do, but when it works well, it can help your brand stand out from the crowd by providing a unique customer experience.  

How Brands Use ASMR in Millennial Marketing 

Millennials have grown up with various screens in their faces for the majority of their lives. Because of this, one could argue that they’re often overstimulated by the constant barrage of information at their fingertips. ASMR is shifting marketing away from in-your-face advertisements in favor of a situation that manyMillennials describe as “satisfying”. 

Michelob Ultra debuted an ASMR commercial during this year’s NFL championship. The commercial featured Zoë Kravitz and used gentle whispers and strategically placed sounds to make the audience feel the moment Zoë was opening and enjoying her beer. The ad created a tingling, static-like sensation that kept people talking long after it first aired. 

Michelob is not the only brand that has dabbled in ASMR strategy. Ikea has also ventured into the ASMR experience, creating a campaign that’s been dubbed “One of the Most Satisfying Ads Ever.” People who don’t understand ASMR are likely confused by these commercials, but the people who do get them are loving them.  

Millennials are among the population of people who really appreciate ASMRGiven the buying power of Millennial money in today’s market, it’s wise to pay attention to the trends that young people enjoy.   

Following the Trend: Case Studies 

ASMR isn’t only a marketing trend; it’s picked up a lot of attention in the psychology community, as well. After all, good advertising is founded on the psychology of understanding  and adhering to  buyer behavior. 

The relaxing nature of ASMR seems to be helping some people sleep better; even those who report insomnia feel more relaxed when they experience ASMR advertisements and videos. This can be especially useful for health and wellness companies who can use ASMR to communicate the feel of their brand in an entirely new way. 

According to Psychology Today, people have found ASMR videos to help with: 

  • Relaxation (98%) - Barrett & Davis 2015 
  • Insomnia (82%) – Barrett & Davis 2015 
  • Stress (82%) - Barrett & Davis 2015 
  • Increased Positive Emotional States - Poerio, Blakey, Hostler, & Veltri, 2018 
  • Openness to Experience - Fredborg, Clark, & Smith 2017 

ASMR has been popular for the past several years, but it’s just now starting to reach the marketing community. We’re excited to see how this approach evolves. 

Stay Up-To-Date on Marketing Trends with the Help of an Expert Team 

Zero Gravity Marketing understands the trends that make marketing not only fashionable—but effective. If you’re ready to test the boundaries of your current campaigns with ASMR strategies in your social media posts, contact our team.