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Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Strategy – Social Media

Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Strategy: Social
17 Apr 2019

We’ve officially waved goodbye to winter and settled into a thorough round of spring cleaning. With some fresh content and a spotless website under your belt, you may be wondering, “What’s next?” As we guide you through your tidy-up, we certainly can’t forget to highlight the importance of a solid social media strategy. 

Let’s take a look at how to freshen up your social media content this spring. 

1. Evaluate the Appropriateness of Your Social Posts 

It’s essential to put out content that properly displays the values and missions your brand stands for. Sometimes, inappropriate content can find its way into a company’s social feedsand this accident can unintentionally damage its reputation. Remember, “inappropriate” has many definitions. While foul language almost certainly belongs on the list of things you don’t want to showcase to your audience, there are plenty of other things your followers may not deem appropriate, too. Politically insensitive posts, for example, can land you in the gutter pretty quickly with people who pay attention to social media. 

Beyond this, if you’re posting content that’s not relevant to your products, services, brand, aesthetic, or voice, you’re simply clogging up consumers’ feeds. When you post irrelevant content, there’s a high chance your followers will scroll right past it without engaging – or worse, they’ll just stop following you altogether. 

Take this time to analyze the content you already have on social media, as well what you have queued up for future posts. Does your content resonate with your target audience? Check your analytics to see what type of posts people are engaging with most. Embrace negative feedback and allow it to help you shape your social media strategy going forward.  

Before you move on to step two, take some time to clean up or delete any posts that aren’t sharable. This might include posts with inappropriate language, bad messaging, unclear graphics and videos, or posts that lead to broken links. 

2. Update Your Business Profiles 

While it can be easy to get caught up in the details, it’s important not to overlook some of the more obvious aspects of your social media strategy – namely, your profile pages. As you continue your spring clean-up, make sure to look over each of your social media accounts to make sure your profiles are up-to-date. 

  • Bio – Check out your bio and “about us” sections. Are they still accurate? If not, update them accordingly. 
  • Contact Information – Make sure your contact information is correct, including business hours, location, phone number, and email. 
  • Product Offerings Are you giving your visitors a good glimpse of the products and services you provide? This isn’t only a courtesy to the consumers who might happen upon your social sites, it’s also best practice for a successful SEO strategy. 
  • Branded Elements  If you have highlights, logos, and other brand-specific elements, be sure they reflect your company’s current vision.  

It’s also important to be consistent across all social media platforms. Comb through each one to make sure they are all on the same page in regard to information and branding. 

3. Select the Right Platforms 

Every social media platform is different, and that means certain ones might not be right for your business. If you’re not gaining traction on specific platform, it may be time to call it quits so you can focus your energy elsewhereHowever, before you close down any of your business’ accounts, make sure low engagement isn’t a result of your own missteps.  

To determine whether or not you’re utilizing each platform correctly, consider the following: 

  • Timing  Don’t let the social aspect of the internet fool you; there really is a science to getting the best possible results. Social media users are often scrolling through their feeds during specific hours of the day. Those are the times you want to target when you’re posting content. If you’re missing the mark as far as the clock is concerned, you’re also missing your key demographic. There are a wide variety of analytics tools that can help you find out when your audience is online the most. Some platforms, like Instagram, even have them built in. Determine exactly when you should be posting and adjust your social calendar accordingly. 
  • Frequency – Posting too infrequently can cause your audience’s attention to wane. Similarly, posting too much can also drive users away. Each platform has its own best practices when it comes to how often you post. Following these best practices will ensure your profile is professional and not overdone. 

If you find that you’re following each platform’s specific best practices and still not seeing results, it may be time to venture elsewhere – and that’s totally okay. Some businesses are better fit for specific platforms, and this can vary depending on your audience demographics, industry, and services.  

Spiff Up Your Social Media Presence with the Help of a Trusted Team 

The Zero Gravity Marketing team is ready to take on all of your social media endeavors. If you want to make your profiles stand out online, our social media gurus are here to helpContact us today to learn how we can help you grow your brand’s online presence!