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Google AMP and SEO – Update!

google amp and seo update
17 Aug 2016

Google has indexed millions upon millions of Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMPs, but until now, it hasn’t exactly been easy for the average searcher to uncover these quick, powerful and content-rich pages. It used to be that AMPs only appeared in the “Top Stories” carousel on the search engine results page, but recently, Google unveiled new plans for AMP listings. Now, according to the Search Engine Journal, you will be able to find AMPs listed amongst the traditional organic listings on Google when you are utilizing a mobile device for your search.

So, this seems like big news, but here’s what you really need to know:

Define Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The AMP initiative began with Google. The search engine giant wanted to make sure that valuable content was being placed on the web and was promoted on the SERP. Each AMP should include elements such as video, graphics or animations that load instantly alongside smart ads and other content. The goal of this initiative was to reduce loading times on pages that are displayed on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. With AMP, Google hoped to improve the experience for the user, while also generating additional advertising revenue.

Highlights of the New Google AMP Search Results

  • AMPs will appear with the traditional organic search result listings on the SERP when you are searching on a mobile device.
  • You’ll know it’s an AMP because the lightning bolt symbol will designate it as such.
  • You can try it out on the live AMP demo that was released by Google.
  • Google is claiming emphatically that embedding the AMP listings along with the traditional organic search results is not going to impact rankings.

What Does This Mean For Your SEO Strategy? 

According to Google, the AMP change is not going to directly effect your SERP ranking. However, we believe that this update is going to have an indirect impact. For a while now, Google has made mobile-friendliness a top priority and significant factor in a page’s overall SERP ranking. AMP is designed specifically to increase the speed of these pages, and to improve the browsing experience for the mobile user. Since page-speed and mobile response are important factors in earning a top ranking on the SERP, it’s safe to say that the AMP changes may have an indirect impact on your overall rank.

Ultimately, if you already have AMP incorporated into your site, you won’t need to do any additional work in order to be indexed by Google. AMP can be a valuable addition to your page, particularly if you are trying to focus on your mobile audience. And as always, most SEO experts would recommend that you always place a high priority on unique and valuable content. When you are publishing information that searchers need, want and use on a daily basis, you’ll always be favored by the search engines.

To learn more about AMP and to see how it can change your online presence and SEO strategy, contact us at Zero Gravity Marketing today.