Digital marketing is an invaluable resource that every business in Georgia must implement in their short and long-term strategic plans. Today, over 80 percent of consumers research online before purchasing a product. It is critical to have an online presence that can guide the consumer from start to finish and encourage them to return for their next purchase. By hiring Zero Gravity Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency in GA, your business can achieve all of this and more.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

In order to understand what an internet marketing agency does, it is important to define digital marketing first. Digital marketing is any marketing that utilizes electronic devices to send promotional communication and uses the device to track that customer experience. It is generally referred to as marketing campaigns carried out on tablets, smartphones, computers, and other digital devices.

The message itself can take on different forms of media, such as text messages, videos, digital advertisements, social media posts, search engine advertisements, and so on. You can consider digital marketing as the counterpart to traditional marketing, which involves telephone book ads, ads by mail, billboards, and television and magazine ads. To summarize, if a marketing campaign includes digital communication as part of the strategy, it’s digital marketing.

But what if you haven’t started a digital marketing campaign before? Well, that’s where we can help! A digital marketing agency (like us at Zero Gravity Marketing), or digital advertising agency in Georgia, can help your business attract and retain more customers by enhancing your brand’s online presence. A good digital marketing agency will use various strategies and tools to attain marketing and sales goals.

But what makes us so much better than the rest of the agencies out there? Not only do we have a team of full-time employees in Georgia, but we have employees that work all over the country. This helps make it easier to schedule meetings in person and gives you the one-on-one experience of working with our team. However, if working with an agency with a physical location in Georgia is at the top of your list, here are a few things to remember as you do some research: Our team works in CT and other places like Georgia because it’s become the norm and very beneficial in a post-COVID work world. Not only is it perfect for the modern work environment we’ve come to know and love, but it gives us a larger pool of talent, lowers overhead costs, and more. And all of this, of course, helps us to give you the best marketing services possible.

What Services Does ZGM Offer?

Zero Gravity Marketing emphasizes analysis and strategic planning before carrying out any digital marketing campaign. This allows our team to help you target the right customers and bring them in for long-term retention. Our experts utilize data analytics and interpret customer and user tracking data to determine what strategies work. By using an informed process and staying ahead of the technology curve, we help your business thrive with a robust digital marketing strategy.

We employ the best digital marketing strategies in GA to help you develop a digital marketing plan that reflects the vision and goals of your business and allows you to scale quickly. We offer targeted social media campaigns, paid social campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) planning, customer-response tracking, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and content management and creation. Have a look in detail at some of the marketing services we offer.


Our PPC agency specialists examine and interpret your data and present you with the final results using clearly written and graphic communication. This gives you transparency so that you can regularly assess the performance of your online ads. Our top-rated digital marketing agency in Georgia is a Premier Google Partner, which allows us exclusive access to methods that can help you optimize your return on investment (ROI) on your PPC campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Zero Gravity Marketing’s SEO services in GA are tailored to get you a high-ranking spot on search engine results pages (SERPs). Our top-rated SEO agency utilizes sophisticated tools and strategies and analyzes Google’s algorithms to help you get prioritized by Google and noticed by your readers. As a HubSpot partner agency, our best Georgia SEO services utilize the suite of programs to boost your inbound marketing services.

Content Marketing

At ZGM, we make content marketing in GA a clear priority to transform the presence of a business online. Well-written, straightforward content that is directly useful to your readers and customers can help establish your business’s reputation as a leading expert and help you attract and retain customers.

Social Media

Having a strong social media presence is critical in today’s digital world. Our social media agency employs a unique social media marketing strategy: We approach with a well-calculated plan and then use feedback from user data to inform the next steps. We are experts at representing your brand and your image exactly how you would like us to.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing agency is here to help you create target emails for your existing customers so that you can keep them interested in your company and get excited about growing with you. ZGM can also help you get new customer leads by reaching out to customers’ inboxes that could be a good potential fit. Whatever your email marketing needs may be, we have years of expertise and experience on our team to help you reach your goals.

Website Development Solutions

Our top-rated web development company in Georgia is well-versed in the online technologies used to create lead-generating websites. We are primarily trained in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and this solid foundation allows us to quickly adapt and utilize other platforms for website development.

Creative Design Services

Creative digital and website design is an organic process that takes patience, expertise, and experience. Our creative web design agency in GA is seasoned in helping you master all of your brand and design-related needs, such as creating print collateral and email templates and beautifying your homepage. We are made up of creative gurus that can help you define the direction and aura of your business and brand, creating a user-friendly and engaging experience for your customers.

Why Choose ZGM for Digital Marketing in GA?

The experts at our Atlanta marketing company have years of experience working directly with businesses like yours to develop a robust and innovative digital marketing strategy. We take the time to understand your business’s goals and vision so that we can design a plan using data from your target market that helps you get your brand traction and credibility on the digital map.

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