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Natural SEO vs. PPC Campaign

19 Feb 2015

Should you start a natural SEO campaign, or would you be better off spending your money on some pay-per-click advertising? It’s a good question. On one hand, natural SEO is crucial if you want long-term success. On the other, you have a PPC campaign which gets you results a lot quicker. So what should you do? If you are smart about it, you will combine the two—and it’s not just because you want to reap the obvious benefits from each one. When you use your PPC campaign to improve your SEO efforts, amazing things can happen.

Know Your Audience

The beautiful thing about PPC campaigns is that you can be very specific in who you target. Search Engine People believes that by setting up multiple campaigns, each geared towards a separate location or demographic, you will easily be able to see where most of your traffic is coming from.

With this information, you can tweak your SEO strategy accordingly, ensuring you have plenty of instances of the local keywords that garnered you the most clicks on your PPC campaign. Because if the majority of your traffic is coming from Hartford, Connecticut, but your homepage is targeting New Haven residents, then there’s a good chance your conversion rate isn’t as high as it could be. Natural SEO, on the other hand, uses keyword phrases to target customers. There is no control over who views the information, they would just have to enter the search terms targeted to find you. They could be living anywhere from Connecticut to Bora Bora.

Understand Your Keywords

A perfect PPC campaign will run a variety of ads, each with different keywords and approaches. Some will ask questions and others will make statements. Some will use strong sales words, while others will be subtler. Since you are only paying if the ad is clicked, it costs you nothing to try out different combinations.

Once you have the PPC campaign analytics, it will be very clear which keywords and copywriting styles acquired you the most traffic. Now you know what gets your customers’ attention and what keywords you should be using for your Natural SEO campaign.

Increase Your Brand Exposure

Another benefit of using both PPC and Natural SEO campaigns is the exposure your company will receive. When you are first starting out, you probably won’t rank on the first page of the SERPs for targeted keyword phrases related to your services—achieving this feat takes time with Natural SEO. However, with a PPC campaign, you are guaranteed to be visible to searchers, which will make your name familiar to them. Plus, PPC ads will get your site traffic, and the more unique visitors you have, the more legit you look in the eyes of Google, giving you a boost in your natural SEO efforts.

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we are firm believers in the power of using PPC campaigns in conjunction with a strong natural SEO strategy. Contact us today: We would love to show you just how incredible the combination of a well devised PPC campaign and natural SEO can be for your company.