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Direct Mail Marketing and Print Services

Print Design

No matter what type of print collateral you need, (direct mail campaigns, business cards, tradeshow graphics and more) our digital designs transfer to print seamlessly, so that your viewers receive consistent messaging from your brands. With over 15 years in the print marketing world, we have the knowhow to get you an amazing ROI while ensuring your company’s messaging stays intact.

Direct Mail Marketing

Brochures, postcards, flyers, direct mail can be a very powerful marketing tool. Whether you are celebrating the launch of your business or you simply want to increase your sales, direct mail is an important part of your marketing campaign.

Direct mail marketing delivers long-lasting visibility and exposure. Fewer companies are using direct mail marketing, so when a recipient gets a coupon in their hand (instead of their inbox) it gets more attention.

Depending on your email list, and how emails are collected, (we can help with this) direct mail marketing can be targeted very specifically. Choose by neighborhood, personal interests, or even income level to ensure that your mailer ends up in the hands of your target market.

A Sampling of Our Print Marketing Options

Our expertise in print marketing is vast, so chances are if you have any printing needs, we can meet them. But here are a few samples of what we are capable of:

* Custom t-shirts to use as promotional items or as a uniform

* Large scale signage for your office building

* Sidewalk signs to draw in customers

* Can’t-pass-up trade show booths to get you the contacts you want

* Business cards that perfectly portray your brand

* Modernized road signs to coordinate flawlessly with your other marketing materials

In short, you can do it all with one Connecticut-based company: Zero Gravity Marketing. We make your print and direct mail marketing campaign memorable and concise, while including a strong call to action. Contact us today for a free quote on your next print project.

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