Project Overview

Northeast Beverage CT offers a state-wide platform for the distribution of beer, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. They handle more than 5,500 accounts, including bars, restaurants, retail, convenience, and grocery. When New Belgium Brewing entered into Connecticut, Zero Gravity Marketing created a robust digital marketing and social media campaign presence to build excitement.

Our comprehensive marketing campaign for Northeast Beverage included three main components: a targeted landing page with on-site SEO and geo-targeted keywords, an in-depth PPC campaign via both Google and Facebook Ads, and a full-blown social media marketing campaign with a heavy use of hashtags and follower engagement. The detailed social and PPC campaign was brand specific and geared towards Northeast Beverage’s unique goals with the New Belgium Brewing brand.

The Challenge

Northeast Beverage needed to spread the word and distribution of the New Belgium Brewing brand. Since the brand did not exist in Connecticut at the time, we knew we had to organize an effective marketing strategy in order to achieve success.


Over a three-month period, we promoted 118 total events. We used social media to get the details out to a wide audience, and continued to build anticipation for each event as it drew near. We also encouraged online interactions while the fans were attending each event by promoting event-specific hashtags. Our strategy clearly paid off, as the client stated it was the most successful launch they have ever had.

To encourage website traffic and drive brand awareness, we also employed a two-part paid search campaign. We focused on Google PPC ads and Facebook ads to effectively reach the target market of Northeast Beverage. This aspect of the marketing campaign ran from June 15th to September 12th and produced impressive results.



Increase of Facebook likes


Increase of Instagram followers

1.1 million

Facebook impressions


Paid AdWords Impressions

Custom Landing Pages

Through a custom landing page we were able to capture visits and list current and past events as well as drive visitors to the social media outlets.

Paid Search Strategy

Utilized a two-part paid search campaign and focused on both Google and Facebook ads to reach the target market.

Social Media Management

Created buzz and awareness among craft beer lovers with event promotions and opportunities for social media engagement around a passion for beer and other relevant topics.

Services Performed:

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Landing Page Design & Development
  • Banner Ad Creative & Management on Multiple Platforms, Including Google AdWords, Instagram, & Facebook
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