Project Overview

Squeeze Pod is a B2C consumer product company that manufactures and sells single-use travel-size toiletries. The company was looking to rebrand its packaging and website to better fit the audience that purchases its products.

Because Zero Gravity Marketing (ZGM) is a full-service agency that can provide high-quality services in both packaging design and web design, Squeeze Pod was able to get everything they needed from our team. ZGM was also able to incorporate consistency between both packaging design and graphic design on the web. This differentiated ZGM from other agencies because making those two aspects work together was imperative to Squeeze Pod.

The Challenge

Creating the look, touch, and feel of the packaging was particularly challenging. Most brands are prepared to allow the website to do all of the brand storytelling, but Squeeze Pod made it clear that they needed the packaging and branding to continue after the products are in its consumers’ hands.


Our strategy was to collaborate with Squeeze Pod and get the best understanding possible of the brand story the client wanted to tell. This is often a crucial point in brand-building because if there is not enough communication—or if communication is unclear—it can be challenging to create and execute the right assets necessary to tell the story. Getting a deep understanding of the brand made the creation of the packaging much easier, and that was our focus. Imagery and copy could help tell the story on the site, but the personality of the brand relied on the color, look, and feel of the packaging, which is much harder to capture. Thanks to the feedback on past successes with specific audiences, our design team was able to work alongside Squeeze Pod to come up with a cohesive brand feel. Our design team utilized that feel and story to create packaging that fit the brand persona. This included graphic assets such as the homepage header images and a homepage design that fit the image Squeeze Pod wanted to portray



New product packaging for 33 different stock keeping units (SKUs)


Increased conversion rates of 1.25% after the homepage redesign

Award Winning Packaging

Product packaging won both the Silver Award and the Excellence Award at the 2018 Connecticut Art Directors Club Annual Awards Show

Full-Service Agency

Because we have a team of in-house designers and web developers, we were able to provide high-quality graphics and homepage aesthetics without having to go elsewhere—everything they wanted was all in one place.

New Homepage Design & Hero Images

Our design team took the brand feel and story to create packaging that was cohesive across the homepage and hero images on the website.

Brand Storytelling

Most brands allow the website to do the storytelling, but Squeeze Pod wanted the story to continue and the customer to experience the brand after the product arrived at their door.

Are you struggling to tell your brand’s story? Do you need to rewrite the existing tale to better talk to your audience? Our team at Zero Gravity Marketing can help! Thanks to our full-service suite of services, you can enjoy everything that goes into awesome marketing under one roof. Reach out to us to learn more today!

Services Performed:

  • Messaging and Branding
  • Website Design
  • Color Coordination
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Marketing

    (focusing on homepage aesthetics and a layout that are attractive and friendly to audiences’ eyes)

  • eCommerce

    (enabling the easy ordering of products from an accessible and obvious link on the homepage)

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