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Social Media Statistics

Social Media Statistics
31 Mar 2017

The way Americans use social media and how they search for information is continually changing and evolving. Which, in turn, leads to a difference in how they interact with each other. Many people use social media to get their news, when they need a mental break, or to look for a job. And while Facebook is still America’s most popular social network with 76 percent of its users visiting that site daily, other social media sites still have a significant following as well but are not growing at the rate of Facebook. Which is why it’s so important to consider using a digital marketing company that keeps up with the current and ever changing social media trends.

Different Demographics and How They Use Various Social Media Platforms

The social media landscape has some interesting statistics when it comes to how the different demographics use the various social media platforms. Here are some of those stats compiled by the Pew Research Center that you might find interesting.

Facebook Stats

  • 79% of all adults now use Facebook.
  • 75% are men and 83% are women.

Instagram Stats

  • 32% of all internet users use Instagram.
  • 26% are men and 38% are women.
  • 59% are ages 18-29, 33% are 30-49, 18% are 50-64, and 8% are 65 and up.

Twitter Stats

  • 24% of all internet users are using Twitter.
  • 24% are men and 25% are women.
  • 36% are ages 18-29, 23% are 30-49, 21% are 50-64, and 10% are 65 and up.

LinkedIn Stats

  • 29% of all internet users use LinkedIn.
  • 31% are men and 27% are women.
  • 34% are ages 18-29, 33% are 30-49, 24% are 50-64, and 20% are 65 and up.

Pinterest Stats

  • 31% of all internet users use Pinterest.
  • 17% are men and 45% are women.
  • 36% are ages 18-29, 34% are 30-49, 28% are 50-64, and 16% are 65 and up.

How Often the Most Popular Social Media Sites are Used

Facebook users continue to be the most active on social media site with 76 percent of its users visiting the site daily. The rest of the social media sites don’t even come a close second with 51 percent of Instagram users visiting the site daily, 42 percent of Twitter users visiting the site daily, 25 percent of Pinterest users visiting the site daily, and 18% of LinkedIn users visiting that site daily.

However, many of the same users visit a variety of other social media sites as well. In fact, 56 percent of all online adults use more than one of the five most popular social media sites regularly. And Facebook is generally the starting platform for most of those same social media users.

That’s why knowing how to properly implement your digital marketing on any of these sites is paramount to your success. And using a digital marketing company could mean the difference between mediocre success and success that exceeds all your expectations.

Messaging Apps and How They Fit Into the Social Media Equation

Social media sites are no longer the only mode for people to connect. Now that smartphones have entered the equation, apps have become a very popular alternative to logging on to and using a social media site because they look and function like them. However, apps are simply easier to use. And they have other unique features as well, such as being able to post content anonymously, have a post expire or to have the ability to delete something after it has been viewed.

Summing Up the Social Media Stats Methodology

In 2016, Pew Research Center interviewed 1,520 adults from all 50 states who lived in the U.S. during that time. A mix of landline and cellphone randomly dialed samples were used and the surveys were conducted based on the person’s age (18 and up) who answered the phone. The responses received were weighted using a special technique that matched the person’s gender, age, education level, race, and region based on the information from the Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey. The responses were also weighted to match current patterns of telephone status, such as landline only, cellphone only, or both while adjusting the information according to household size for those respondents with a landline.

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