What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

In a phrase, it's the element of your SEO strategy that takes potential consumers down your sales funnel, bringing them right to the front of the check-out line.

When people are actively searching for the products and services you offer, it should be fairly easy to draw them in if you have a solid campaign in place. The problem is, many businesses go with companies that promise results but don't actually know how to deliver.

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we don't have that problem.

Our campaigns are built to optimize conversion rates, meaning your potential customers are brought right to your front door by way of data. This enables us to learn more about your customers and talk to them in a language that makes sense to their buyer behaviors. We optimize conversion rates and ROI for our clients by understanding your goals. By learning about the deficiencies and opportunities within your current campaign, and building a streamlined strategy that optimizes clicks, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures on wasted ads.

Zero Gravity Marketing's Approach to Conversion Rate Optimization

When it comes to optimizing conversion rates, our goal is two-fold: to diagnose conversion rate problems and to prescribe the right fixes.

ZGM's conversion rate optimization is comprised of a four-part structure, which enables us to redesign your website in accordance with consumers' expectations in today's market. We'll improve your website's speed, enhance usability, add conversion points, make forms more user-friendly, add incentives, integrate valuable content offers (such as white papers), add calls to action, and increase the feeling of urgency on appropriate pages.

The following are our four stages of CRO development:

  1. Data Segmentation
    A thorough review of analytics allows us to provide data-driven recommendations for positive change. By segmenting your data, we'll be able to identify outliers and recommend potential tests to appeal to different segments uncovered by our research. We'll report how many visits it takes to receive a conversion on average, as well as the source of all visits and the number of conversions by source.
  2. Information Architecture
    We review the current navigation scheme and target keyword phrases for SEO and PPC. From there, we validate the current navigation or recommend a new navigation structure that will improve overall usability, facilitate better SEO by adding new pages, and channel visitors to conversion points.
  3. Website Flow
    Upon a review of your company's behavior flow reports, top pages and entrances, top exit points, and other important Google Analytics metrics, we'll build an understanding of where your drop-off points are, so we can recommend improvements to the flow of your website that will lead to higher conversion rates.
  4. User Experience (UX)
    We review the usability of your website from users' perspectives. We examine calls to action (CTAs), conversion points, and the number of clicks it takes to convert. We'll also identify high-value actions (HVAs), which engage with visitors and lead to conversions.

Are you looking to increase conversions and improve your conversion rate optimization strategy? Contact Zero Gravity Marketing to get started on improving your sales funnel, today.

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