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We are now located in Madison, CT, but because ZGM first launched in Branford, the area will always have a significant place in our history. Chris, Annie, and Josh all grew up in Branford—Josh still lives there.

Branford is a gorgeous, green town in Connecticut with incredible restaurants and amazing outdoor adventures, like boat tours with friends and family to the Thimble Islands. It is also home to many great small businesses, and many of our current and past clients, including Core Informatics, Progressive Benefit Solutions, Lenny’s Indian Head Inn and Pathway Medical Billing. We love to use our marketing expertise to help local Branford businesses flourish, and that will never change.


One of the best natural SEO advantages for businesses located in Branford, Connecticut, is that websites optimized with keyword phrases that contain ‘Branford’ (for example, ‘law firm in Branford CT’), can almost always rank for that phrase. In addition to implementing local SEO strategies and geo-targeted keywords, a Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaign can boost exposure both inside and outside of the city. Our local SEO techniques give Branford businesses more visibility: Contact us for more details.


With Branford, Connecticut roots, we understand how residents respond to local business marketing. For Branford businesses, we design websites using the WordPress content management system, which means you can easily maintain and edit your website after a brief training session. All websites are designed on a responsive framework so they will work optimally on devices of all sizes.  And once the website is complete, our marketing team can implement our advanced SEO strategies to help to attract and convert visitors.

As a Branford business, you want a marketing firm that understands you and your target market. With our years of living in Branford and our vast experience serving Branford clients, know you have found the marketing firm that can deliver results. To learn more about any of our services, contact us now.

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