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Top 5 Content Marketing Strategies to Drive Conversion

content marketing strategy
10 Apr 2017

When you’re considering the best SEO agency to help drive your digital marketing campaigns, you’ll want the SEO company that understands the importance of strategy. They need to understand your business model, your customer and audience base, and exactly what niche in the market you fulfill. On the outside, content marketing services might just seem like witty or clever ways to announce your brand. From the inside, the best content marketing services offer a cohesive and measurable way to achieve desired results. Your SEO company should be able to work with you to discuss the best content marketing strategies to meet your unique needs and give value to your audience.

5 Content Marketing Strategies to Drive Conversion

Content marketing services can improve your ability to create and implement result driven strategies. These five strategies are indispensable in driving conversion.

  1. SEO Company. SEO is integral to your ability to drive organic search and there’s a great deal to consider in adequately researching and using the best SEO for your online presence. If your agency or business doesn’t offer an expertise in this field, one great strategy is in hiring an SEO reseller to deliver cutting edge expertise that keeps your SEO on point and productive, while allowing your team to concentrate on the disciplines they do best.
  2. Employee Ambassadors. Social media doesn’t just come down to your company’s platforms. The best way to drive customers and build brand awareness is by gaining influencers who will also mention your brand through their social media. Research shows that customers trust individuals more than they trust companies. One great strategy is in encouraging your employees to become brand ambassadors, talking up your site and company on their own personal social media pages.
  3. Know Your Audience. If this list was in order of importance, this strategy should be at the top of the list and it will not ever become outdated. Knowing and understanding your audience allows you to better tailor your campaigns, choose the right platforms, and even fine tune the voice of your brand. Your content marketing strategy hinges on your ability to engage your audience.
  4. Mobile Accessibility. Everything is going mobile and your content marketing services should include more than simply optimizing your site for speedier mobile use. You’ll need to consider voice search terms, how accessible features on your site are through a smaller screen, and even how to optimize email campaigns for users on their mobile phones.
  5. Blogging and eBooks. Blogging has not gone away, it’s only gotten more important to your content marketing strategy. Your blog offers a window to updated content on a regular basis that offers value to your audience and raises your search ranking. Adding eBooks and white papers to your content marketing strategy gives your audience even more actionable insights and offers you the chance to improve engagement.

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