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Social Media Marketing | Facebook Releases Video Cover Images

social media marketing - Facebook video cover photos
10 May 2017

Your Facebook marketing efforts might be getting a little more pop soon. Recently, users began taking note of a new feature being tested on Netflix’s Facebook page for their series, Narcos. If you visit the Narcos Facebook page, you’ll see that their cover photo moves. What you’re seeing is a short video loop in place of the standard, stagnate image. If your Facebook marketing represents a large portion of your social media marketing time and effort, you’re likely wondering what, if anything, this will mean for your own page in the future.

About Video Images on Facebook

Video images are nothing new to Facebook. You’ve probably been using video posts for a while. You may even have started to see video profile pictures pop up, or used them yourself. The ability to add a video profile picture has been available for a few years now, allowing users to upload a short video clip that runs on a continuous loop rather than the typical image. The new cover video images will likely work similarly. You’ll be able to load a short video that runs on a loop.

We’re still guessing about the specifics of what Facebook will unveil, largely because user-wide rollout hasn’t occurred yet. What has been confirmed is that they are currently testing video. We’ve talked about digital marketing trends before – with any sort of prediction, you can’t know with 100% certainty how it will work and what the direct impact will be. Though we do have some information that is certain – the option of video cover images will be available soon and it will give you an added way to enhance your profile page for better engagement.

Your Facebook Marketing Future

If you’re looking over your own digital marketing plans and wondering what these new advancements will mean for your own Facebook marketing future, you’re not alone. The new video option will allow you to include something that’s interactive for your viewers. There will also likely still be the option to maintain a static cover photo. You may be able to add sound with your video (the current testing seems to include the option to turn on sound if you hover over the video. Until it rolls out, we’re not sure if it will auto-play or how the sound aspect will be deployed).

If you’re not currently working with video, this new update might seem a little scary. It’s one more thing to master. But remember, once the whole social media thing was new, too. If you’re not comfortable creating video, your digital marketing agency should be able to work with you to simplify the process. As social media moves forward, video is certain to be an important factor in your digital marketing success.

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