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Katie Marrotte

Senior Graphic Designer
Katie Marrotte

Katie Marrotte is a senior graphic designer at Zero Gravity Marketing.

As a visual artist, she has spent the past ten years in collaborative work environments, experiencing the many aspects of a project from conceptual brainstorming and strategic design development, to small-scale fabrication and prototyping for many different types of client needs.

She has worked on a wealth of projects that include: logo creation; branding & identity work (brand guidelines, brand management, and implementation); advertising; photo editing & manipulation; print design (annual reports, newsletters, annual appeal packages, college recruitment collateral, product catalogs, packaging, stationery suites, sell sheets, invitations, and direct mail campaigns); large-scale graphics (environmental, signage, and trade show); website design & other online marketing. Her work has also touched on her writing skills connected to business naming, tagline conception, and mission & vision development.

Katie graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2005, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, and a Bachelor of Arts in English. She also completed a minor in Art History and earned a certificate in Creative Writing. Her education was inspired by growing up in a household with parents that used handcrafts and watercolor painting to express themselves, and uses a love of nature and art to find inspiration in the world around her.

Katie previously held a graphic design position at How2Design and has also led design and marketing campaigns for a few of her own clients in a variety of fields.